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Hong Kong

Recently while preparing for a trip to Germany and being bombarded with TV images of the refugee crisis in Germany - an invasion of a million plus - and of course the inevitable social breakdown such as the continuing mass sexual assaults of German women, and a skyrocketing crime rate, I was braced for a multicultural catastrophe equal to or even greater than our own. I expected to find a European  Gulliver roped to the ground and danced on by a myriad of tiny little people comprising its own tiny little traitors and the hordes of tiny little invaders who are far more adept at destroying a civilization than ever creating one.

Imagine my surprise when walking the Strassen of Germany, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns, I found myself feeling I was in a country almost as white as White Australia had been, that is, before our 'enrichment'. The overwhelming preponderance of faces I was seeing belonged to real Germans. Of course the whiteness wasn't complete - dashes of colour were still inescapable. Naturally, after the refugee invasion unleashed by Frau Merkel kneeling at the altar of eternal atonement, Muslims, black and Arabic - the women recognisable, or unrecognisable by their trend-setting, all purpose black curtains with slots, and the men recognisable by their begging bowls (in spite of being well looked after by the German government) - were a common sight but seemingly, in contrast to our tsunami of Asians, not about to roll over the country changing it irreversibly. Asians are visible in Germany but more as a spicy sprinkling, reminding more of the thin edge of the wedge represented by our early days of non-European immigration when multiculturalism had been not exactly threatening - just discomforting and ominous. It came as something of a shock to realise how acclimatised I'd become to extreme multiculturalism, just going to show how true it is that you can get used to anything.

But how could it be?  How could a country as hammered as Germany was by liberalism just as suicidal as Australia's and which had been inundated with one million plus forever-aliens in one year alone not be anywhere near as colourfully fragmented as Australia? The answer of course was in relative population figures. Compared to Australia's population of 25 Million, admittedly fast rising, Germany towers with a population of over 81 million. Although the country contains a significant population of Turkish Gustarbeiters, about whom everyone apparently forgot the Gust, or guest, part of the deal, to counter this, only about 75 per cent of the Australian population is of truly old stock. (Apologies here to the old, old stock but realistically the trifling percentage here makes little difference.)

So naturally, Germany, at least for the moment, is about three and a quarter times more  capable of at least absorbing if not digesting the indigestible. (Agonising heartburn is though inevitable at some point.)  Also, Germany does not suffer the great city/country divide that is perhaps unique in Australia, nor does it contain a great, bloody desert taking up most of the country. In contrast, Germany is evenly arable and with a population almost as evenly spread, very unlike Australia where 70 percent of the population hugs the coast, its major cities budding megalopolises and its already sparse rural population being drained because of land being essentially appropriated by giant agribusiness concerns, often overseas based, more often than not Chinese. And as in China where the peasants, excluded from the latest Asian economic miracle, gravitate to the cities where the wealth is heavily concentrated, country people in Australia who have seen their futures evaporate, likewise likewise head for the cities where they find not much there for them either.

Arriving back in Australia I experience mild reverse culture shock. After spending time immersed in all that German whiteness I'm surprised at my surprise in being reacquainted with the kaleidoscope of colour in my own home-town.  As I stroll through Sydney's CBD I find myself searching for white faces much as I might do in Manila or Bangkok. I guess it's some kind of atavistic impulse, this need for the comfort of racial familiarity. However, the comfort is almost as sorely lacking as it would be had I actually been in either of those cities. I'm now searching frantically for white faces. Here and there I spot them, but vacant, unconcerned they they drift like pieces of flotsam  in alien streams. It's a towering tribute to the efficacy of gradualism. These frogs still don't seem to notice that the water is well and truly bubbling. Another wave rolls toward me containing not one white. Who the fuck are these people?  More importantly, if in trouble could one count on help from any of them as one naturally could when once upon a time in this town one would be surrounded by racial kinsmen. Most of them look as though you'd be struggling to get the time of day from them.

The city crowd, it can be at least ascertained, is predominately Asian, ranging from the lightness of skin of the Chinese to Tamil blackness and every hue in between but where they actually might have come from, Christ only knows. I'm feeling the anger I've promised myself to suppress because giving it the free reign it demands I know will either send my blood pressure into the death zone or turn me into someone crazy and bitter and not wanted around those less bothered. But damn it! This is my fucking country! How dare I be made to feel a stranger in my own country- the country created from nothing by my people ?

Several days later, being a world-class glutton for punishment, I take a stroll through my old Alma Mater, the University of NSW, the biggest university in the country and a city in miniature . I'm on my way to see an exhibition of the great Nicola Tesla's work. It's situated at the western, Anzac Parade end of the campus. I could've ducked in through a gate at this end but I insist on walking through the length of the campus from east to west. When I studied here there was already a significant representation of Malaysian Chinese here,  kept out of Malaysian universities by Malaysia's New Economic Policy which favours Malays in all important aspects. A type of apartheid ruled at the university because the Chinese students preferred to stick to themselves but of course the white students were tacitly blamed for ostracising them.

So I'm braced for what I might find now, but not braced enough. At the eastern end where the Arts faculties are situated, a reasonable number of white students can still be spotted, happily oblivious to the bitter disappointment their useless Arts degrees will lead them to. However the more one penetrates the territory of students studying for degrees that will actually lead to something, the sciences, engineering. medicine etc, white faces are conspicuously absent. Again, they've been replaced by Asians of whatever actual background, but eastern Asians predominate.

I've a little time up my sleeve so I explore a little, checking to see how much old haunts have changed. I find myself in a little cafe - staffed by Asians - looking through a glass wall at the pool where I used to swim. It has now been completely taken over by Asians. I continue to scan but if there are any whites here they've drowned and sunk to the bottom - of course highly symbolic if so. How was this allowed to have happened? I'm not enjoying my coffee one little bit. No punishment too harsh exists for the bastards responsible for this. The white-hot, burning question is of course where are all the white kids who would have been studying here if this transformation hadn't occurred? Are they now destine to join Lee Kwan Yew's 'white trash of Asia'?

The UNSW has done a bang-up job of creating a microcosm of a muticultural Utopia with an overlaying of Asianisation that could possibly to warm the cockles of any deluded leftist's heart: a smallish minority of whites, a white rump if you will, tamed and in no doubt of its true place in society, a generous serving of Islam, a swirling mix of miscellaneous races and an Asian majority taking the place once held by whites. It would be unfair to protest at the Asian slice of the pie being much bigger than all the other slices because after all, we are now 'part of Asia' as our traitorous politicians have been telling us for decades, notwithstanding that the country has not moved as much as one millimetre north, its flora and fauna have nothing in common with that of Asia, the founding race had nothing to do with Asia and Melanesia still stubbornly refuses to move out from between Australia and Asia.

However microcosms can't always be extrapolated from to provide faithful macrocosms;a case in point is Darwin's use of microevolution (true) as a springboard from which to take a flying leap of faith to macroevolution (ridiculous) Similarly, the smooth journey from micromulticulturalism to macromulticulturalism presupposes that the dozing giant will never awake, that the football on television won't be turned off and the empty beer cans disposed of. And naturally, it's easy with kids who've been softened up by twelve years of PC education, and now in the maw of a smoothly operating brain-washing enterprise, and their tender brains still not even fully functional. In this environment, not being with the programme invites ostracism and being perceived as something worse than part orphanage burner and part grandmother molester. To cap it, they have no conception of what being a white minority in a real multicultural, predominantly Asian zoo would look like. The stars in their eyes prevent them from seeing that, far from being a minority such as those fauned upon today, they would be despised as the genocide committing invaders who have no real business in being in this part of the world - much like the whites in South Africa.

Thankfully however this demographic is not  spread over the entire country and a restlessness can be discerned amongst the natives. National politics is extremely shaky with at least one party on the brink of implosion with already a small chunk of it flying off in roughly the right direction.

If only the two examples given here - the Sydney CBD and the UNSW - are considered, one could not be blamed for thinking the game was over, that we'd already reached the tipping point where Australians have become a minority in their own country instead of around forty years hence about which demographers and futurists predict, even though these eggheads have probably gotten it hopelessly wrong. And obviously the university and the CBD and the ethnic patchwork of greater Sydney aren't Australia. As an aside, it is amusing though that whenever trouble strikes the city it is usually in the Western Suburbs where invariably dusky witnesses marshalled by TV crews struggle mightily with the English language. Onomatapoeia serves royally as a linga franca: 'he go bang, bang, bang. It go boom!'

 In spite of our traitorous elite's attempts to spead diversity evenly like manure over a garden, to the non-city dweller much of Australia still looks like, well, Australia. But for how long? Time is definitely not on our side.  With the largest immigration programme in the world per capita, the traitor class is stampeding us to the brink of extinction. Between 2003 and 2015 alone immigration increased 21.5%.. Immigration brings with it a secondary poison. With young men in flight from feminism, the very feminine and apparently submissive Asian women - women who know how to be women - provide an alluring alternative. And with the media constantly promoting the coolness of miscegenation, there's every chance we'll suffer the same fate as the Tasmanian Aborigines, that is, we'll be bred out of existence.




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