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GLOBALISATION: or how we are all treated like global village idiots

"We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest." James Paul Warburg, Banker and member of the Council on Foreign Relations (Feb. 17, 1950, to the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations)

Why is Australia being destroyed as a nation in its true sense and being replaced with what Professor Andrew Fraser in an article entitled, Rethinking the White Australia Policy, called "the transnational corporate welfare state [that] has taken on a life of its own, asserting its power and right to recreate the nation and its people in whatever form it chooses"?

To make sense of this conundrum, one must, as a departed but unlamented Prime Minister constantly urged, look at the "big picture". One must look at so called "Globalisation". Although of course the mind-benders have largely succeeded in presenting this as process leading to the best of all possible worlds, if your are taking the time to be reading this you are already fully aware of the inherent danger in believing any more than a minute part of what you are urged to believe by those with an agenda not as well hidden as they would like to believe through their mouthpiece of the mainstream media. It is a small step from this wariness to seeing Globalisation naked, no frills and in all its grotesque evil, which is as the ramp leading to world government.

The popular conception of Globalisation (if it's thought of at all) is that, at some time or other, governments of the world got together with a view to revolutionising world trade so that, as we are constantly told, the smooth streamlining would lead to an economic Shangri-La encompassing the world. Of course governments of the world were content to let sleeping dogs lie and weren't about to disabuse the governed of this stupendous illusion. To do otherwise may have sent other popular illusions toppling like dominoes; illusions such as the smoke and mirrors production that presents national governments as actually being in control of the nations in which they are ensconced.

As we shall see, in the true state of play, national governments have been reduced to little more than pawns on the global chess board, bearing out the sentiment behind the words of one Mayer Rothschild: "I don't care who makes the laws, as long as I control the money." "The money", Mayer knew, would be followed by politicians like birds on a trail of bread crumbs. Or to put it less picturesquely, when a man is clutched firmly by the testicles, the rest of him is sure to follow.

Humans, being humans, the urge to dominate has been around since, well ... since humans became humans. With every incremental step that has led to the marvelous peak of technological achievement we stand on today, the scope for domination has increased. When it was that people began thinking in terms of world domination is unclear, but it's a safe bet that it began around the time that people first began conceiving of a world. It didn't matter that it was flat; the trick was to simply stay away from the edge. Let the boobs in boats worry about that. They'd either drop off or come back. If they came back with news of easy pickings further afield, then it was probably time to gear up for a new round of rape, murder and pillage.

After humans became a little better organised, these opportunities for entrepreneurial activities were much more efficiently exploited. Those trying their hand here include a number of the truly great: Alexander the Great for one. There were also Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar and who could forget Napoleon with his plans for a prototypical European Union? Although never lacking in energy and enthusiasm, the efforts of these early multinationalists were amateurish in comparison with modern day explosions of "the will to power".

Carroll Quigley, a university professor, remembered with fondness and reverence by a former student named Bill Clinton, was a New World Order insider who implicitly believed the virtues, rightness and historical inevitability of the new order was something to shouted from the rooftops. Opting for something a little less physically taxing, he did the next best thing; he produced his monumental work, Tragedy and Hope, lifting the lid on the whole can of writhing worms. Exhibiting breathtaking naivety, he was apparently surprised and not a little disappointed when instead of his magnus opus being appreciated by those he had attempted to colour with glory, his efforts were met with unmistakable disfavour and his book became difficult to obtain.

Eschewing the persistent but difficult to substantiate rumours of dark conspiracies featuring the usual suspects: the Knight Templars, the Illuminati, the Masons, the Jews, Quigley traces genuine efforts at construction of a world government back to the history bending machinations of the inimitable Cecil Rhodes. As a young man, Rhodes was something of a dewy eyed idealist dreaming dreams that would eventually be set to music with John Lennon's Imagine. Whereas most young men's idealism becomes ground between the mills of experience and disillusionment, with Rhodes it stuck, and till the end of his life he believed that evils such as war could be eliminated with the advent of a benevolent world dictatorship. The problem of keeping a dictatorship benevolent - guarding the guardians - didn't seem to trouble him. He had apparently never come across Lord Acton's famous dictum regarding the corrupting influence of power.

It is not difficult to picture Rhodes noting the huge patches of pink on a world map of his time and recognising the already extant superstructure of a truly global empire. If it could be linked to the stirring giant of US power (and belatedly realising the forlorn hope of George the Third of reclaiming the American colony)the result would obviously be a power to be reckoned with.

The thing that kept Rhodes just outside of rampant ratbaggery and gave him the sniff of a chance of realising his dream was money - serious money. He was born richer than most men die then added to his wealth the fabulous gold and diamond riches of South Africa. Initially there was a problem here in that the Boers, Dutch descended farmers, owned the land containing the valuables. In a sobering illustration of what can be achieved when the rich are able to co-opt a national government to their cause, the Boers were moved on under British guns.

As if Rhodes wasn't adequately tided over at this stage, he also had the backing of Rothschild money. Lord Rothschild was also designated as one of the successors of Rhodes secret Society of the Elect which had links with the Round Table founded by Lord Milner. The Round Table was one of the earliest "think tanks" - a precursor of the much more powerful models to follow - with influential lobby groups in the major Empire centres as well as the US. Its membership comprised ruling class cream and its mission was to nudge the foreign policies of the nations within its reach in the direction this private, unelected club thought it should be going. Rhodes dream of course failed, notwithstanding his reaching out from the grave with his scholarships to kindle the flame in others. His objectives and strategies were no doubt duly noted by his intellectual descendants for a time and a world more conducive to the idea of a world government.

That time wasn't long in coming. The eruption of the most cataclysmic war in the annals of a blood-stained human history shattered the optimistic belief in inexorable progress and transformed the world. It was presented as "the war to end all wars". Suitably traumatised and terrified, the people of the world were ready to welcome a mechanism to fulfill this promise - even if it meant surrendering a portion of national sovereignty. And so the League of Nations came into being. The more cynical saw this as an an embryo world government and some went as far as to see the League of Nations as being one of the main reasons the war was fought. (Henry Ford claimed that during his mission to try to prevent the most powerful nations of the world tearing each others throats out that he came into contact with people - in a position to know - who informed him that his efforts would be futile because the war had been long in the planning.) The American senate apparently contained its share of cynics because it refused to ratify the treaty that would have seen the US joining the League of Nations. Because of this absence of such a powerhouse of a nation, the League was doomed to failure.

In 1921, perhaps sensing that the League was an evolutionary dead-end,some extremely powerful people, originally coming together at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, launched onto an unsuspecting world the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The strategy of the CFR harkened back to that of the Round Table (indeed, Walter Lippmann, one of the founders of the CFR was a Round Table member)in giving governments an unsolicited helping hand with foreign policy. Ostensibly, the government that would receive the most help was the US government but with sister organisations - the Royal Institute of International Affairs based in London, and the Institute of Pacific Relations to inform Far Eastern affairs as well as organisations based in Paris and Hamburg, the CFR was global in reach.

In the US, the CFR acted as a conduit between high finance (notably the Rockefeller family) , big oil (notably the Rockefeller family), corporate elites and the Federal government. In 1922 it began producing its journal, Foreign Affairs. A graphic illustration of its influence on US foreign policy was included in a CFR expose ( "It has been said by political commentators on the left and the right that 'if you want to know what US foreign policy will be next year, you should read Foreign Affairs this year'."

Since 1966, every director of the CIA has been a CFR member. It is well known that President Kennedy was determined to reign in the CIA and perhaps not divorced from this determination (and the shortness of his life) was his awareness of a gigantic conspiracy growing like a tumour on the American state ( It is believed by many that the CIA was involved in Kennedy's assassination. It is also believed by many that his death signalled nothing less than a coup d'etat in the US. If so, whoever was responsible, it is logical to assume, is still at the wheel. A lawless intelligence agency would no doubt be a valuable asset. Starving the CIA of funds proved to be an exercise in futility as the agency simply became self-funding by way of drug dealing and arms peddling. But it would be wrong to assume that the CIA became a consummate rogue organisation, a law unto itself. This is shown by the CFR accepting its director as member, which simply wouldn't pay unless a degree of control or at least influence could be exerted. So, if long ago quitting as an employee of the US government, it would be fair to say that the CIAs new employer is the CRF. But why would an organisation claiming to be as benign and helpful as the CRF does need a department of dirty tricks?

Barely had the last ember of the 1914 - 18 inferno lost its glow when the world burst into an even greater conflagration. Depending on your perspective, this was either World War 2 or part 2 of the first. After the fighting this time died in mushroom clouds, it was glaringly apparent that man had scaled a technological height from which it was possible to destroy himself completely. Another global explosion of fire and barbarism could possibly result in "the death of death" and render the planet uninhabitable. It was time for another surge towards world government. What else could possibly save man from himself?

The incarnation this time was the United Nations. This time with the Americans on board, it was thought to have a real chance of success. The headquarters this time was even located on US soil - donated by none other than the Rockefeller family - never far away when power was being mightily consolidated. Complementing the UN and created around the same time were the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, instruments thought capable of eventually being conducive to a one-world economy. The was even talk of a World Army but the nearest this came to fruition was individual nations contributing troops ad hoc to the blue helmeted UN forces, but this arrangement proved to be a dismal failure. Not to worry though: NATO would later fill this role. Now fighting in Afghanistan, it seems to have drifted a long way from the North Atlantic and the role it was originally created to fill.

The creators of the New World Order rapidly coalescing in our time deserve admiration, if only grudging, for the tirelessness and patience they have displayed in realising their dream. Their creature is hydra-headed with more tentacles than a badly mutated octopus. It is multidimensional. When one avenue appears blocked, it merely slithers off in another

When the UN, with its charter appearing strikingly similar to its Soviet counterpart being less of a surprise when it was learnt it had been written by under-cover communists, began to be not as forthcoming in delivering the glorious brotherhood of man as originally envisaged, its champions were philosophical. After all, there were plenty of other irons in the fire.

On May 29 - 31, 1954, the first meeting of the Bilderbergers was held in Oosterbeek, Holland at the Bilderberg Hotel, hence the group's name. Every year since, in a different country each time, the Bilderbergers have held their annual meeting. It is always shrouded in the darkest secrecy. Similar types attend these meetings as do CFR meetings - high flyers in finance, education, the media, corporate big-wigs and politicians - the difference being that there is no set membership. The wealthy and powerful from Europe and the US are invited according to what they can contribute at the time. The American delegation to the first meeting was led by .... David Rockefeller.

Although because of the lengths that are gone to to ensure the strictest security, not a great deal is known about the Bilderbergers. However, they are known to be powerful. How powerful? According to George McGhee, a former US ambassador to West Germany, "the Treaty of Rome which brought the Common Market into being [which stealthily metamorphosed into the European Union] was nurtured at Bilderberger Meetings".

Perhaps these movers and shakers were beginning to feel a little ashamed about their world moulding meetings looking a little like white-men's clubs, or more likely there was still too much of the world their tentacles had not enveloped. It was soon time to branch out.

The CFR failed as a grab for global power but as a shake-down exercise and dress-rehearsal for the real thing it was invaluable. The real thing was the Trilateral Commission. It was launched in 1973 by David Rockefeller in partnership with Zbigniew Brezinski, a geostrategist who would go on to become US National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter from 1977 - 81. Here is an insight into the diabolically brilliant mind of Brezinski as given by the man himself in Between Two Ages: The Technetronic Era: "... the nation-state as a fundamental unit of man's organised life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state."

The Trilateral Commission, as the name would suggest, encompasses the three main engines of economic power: the US, Western Europe and Japan. After targeting the power points comprising primarily Corporate, Academic and Political (in an ancillary position is the media which doesn't rate alongside the big three as it is dominated by all three) in these key chunks of the planet, the talent scouting was on in earnest. To quote from the August Review (a web journal)Vol5, Issue 12: "In general, the goals for globalisation are created by Corporate. Academic then provides studies and white papers that justify Corporate's goals. Political sells Academics arguments to the public [via the media] and if necessary, changes laws to accommodate and facilitate Corporate in getting what it wants."

The cherry picking of the best and brightest, not to mention greediest and most power crazed, advanced at a prodigious pace. Attracting the most desired personnel apparently presented no problem. In fact those tapped for inclusion seem to have positively flocked to its banner: ".. of the 54 original US members of the Trilateral Commission, Jimmy Carter was fronted to win the presidential election of 1976. Once inaugurated, Carter brought no less than 18 fellow members of the Commission into top- level cabinet and government agencies". (ibid)

No US executive since the Carter administration has been free of Commission domination. Bearing in mind that Commission members - American as well as foreign - march to the sound of a different drummer than the one supposedly maintaining the beat of the US national interest, this obviously does not augur well for US sovereignty or democracy. And given that the US leads the 'free world', one can only wonder at the type of freedom that is enjoyed by those who follow the pied piper of globalisation.

And yet we are allowed no respite from being told how we'll all be better off. This has to be a private joke. Irrepressible images arise of boardrooms full of men doubled over with laughter: "if the idiots believe that, they'll believe anything".

Neither, do we - the serfs - not need to be told one more time about the wonders of the "global village". Indeed, in financial terms, the world has shrunk to the size of a large casino, with trillions of dollars sloshing about the planet every day. Our sparkling technology isn't of course limited to the hyper efficient transfer of money; it has also taken communication to limits undreamed of just a few generations ago. "Communication" can also be read as mind control. Propaganda didn't die with Joseph Goebells - it had hardly been born! In the intervening sixty odd years it has been honed into a devastatingly effective weapon. And of course, should a little less subtlety be called for, war fighting technology has also improved exponentially if perhaps there are some misguided souls who do not fully appreciate the benefits of globalisation.

What drives those who see their reason for existence as the corralling and domination of as many of their fellow humans as possible? Or put another way, what do you get for the man who has everything? Answer: more! And that more is brought more clearly into focus if distilled into two main elements, those being, MONEY and POWER. But we have to try and get our heads around the fact we are not dealing with ordinary men here. We are dealing here with men whose appetites are gargantuan, their lusting after the twin treasures of money and power so obsessive, so all consuming, so pathological, it is beyond the comprehension of those not similarly afflicted.

There is of course the outside chance that the interpretation of world events given thus far is a regrettable mistake. History after all may just be a series of wild coincidences. For instance, it may just be one of those wild coincidence that the disease of multiculturalism broke out all over the Western world at almost exactly the same time that The Trilateral Commission was born - although it must be conceded that misguided zealots and ideologues had long struggled, albeit without much success to bring it about. Why would multiculturalism figure in the schemes of the Trilateralists? Simply because the nation- state and that central tenet of Western liberal democracy - individualism - would be the two main stumbling blocks to a world under new, globalist management. These open conspirators knew full well that both would be destroyed by multiracialism and multiculturalism.

Now in private hands, the world with its open borders and free flow of goods, capital and labour is in a "race to the bottom". The only logical conclusion is that when all wages have bottomed out around the level of what is paid to Indonesian coolies, and the great preponderance of the world's wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few and, with stampeding technology thrown into the mix, the 20/80 world has been entered - 20 percent of the world's population productive, 80 percent nothing but useless mouths to feed with no doubt dark muttering about the need for "depopulation" (new improved swine flu anyone - or even better, the vaccine?).

Is there so much as a sliver of silver lining in the storm-cloud of globalisation? Yes, and it is more than a sliver. In proportion to the globalisation of oppression, there rises the globalisation of resistance. All over the world, ordinary people are awakening and stirring. Via the wonders of technology our would be masters must be kicking themselves for allowing us to share, people are reaching out to each other across cities, tundra, deserts and oceans. They are educating, informing and inspiring each other. Although there is and always will be a terrible preponderance of firepower on the side of the enemy, the weight of numbers is on our side. While seduced and mesmerised by the deadly cooing of these masterminds of propaganda and mind control these numbers admittedly do not count for a lot. However, as the endgame of the New World Order approaches its climax, it will become increasingly difficult, if not impossible to keep what is happening under the shroud of deceit that has served these Machiavellians so well for so long.

It would be no exaggeration to describe what is coming as the final battle between good and evil. As has been demonstrated for so long and so often the streak of evil in man is truly terrifying. Conversely, the copious amount of good in man has allowed him to survive in the face of all that evil has thrown at him. The human spirit has shown itself time and time again to be indomitable. Couple this fearsome spirit with minds that have been freed from the web of hypnosis that have been spun about them for so long and the New World Order may have a terrible fight on its hands. Even now it would be trying to calculate just how many would rather die on their feet than live on their knees.

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"There would be no effective gun control in Australia until there was a massacre in Tasmania." Mr Barry Unsworth, NSW Premier at a special State Premiers' meeting, Hobart, Tasmania, December, 1987

Port Arthur in Tasmania has been for many years a popular tourist attraction. Carved out of bushland, with the ocean lapping its foreshores, it is a picture of tranquility. With its manicured lawns, the natural beauty of the place belies its demonic past. The ruins of the penitentiary, the aching heart of the old penal colony are the only reminders of the cruelty that once flourished here - that and a few old pictures of convicts providing the locomotive power on the Port Arthur to Eagleneck railway. Although considered 'humane' by the standards of the day, by ours it could not be seen as anything other than a smoothly administered Hell on Earth.

On the sunny Sunday afternoon of April 28, 1996, as if the settlement straddled an unstable fissure, Hell erupted once again at Port Arthur. It was a normal day at Port Arthur's Broad Arrow Cafe. It was crowded and filled with bubbling conversation and a relaxed atmosphere. That was until, at approximately 1.30, a man who had been having his lunch at a table, rose and took the remainder of his meal outside to finish it. A short time later, he returned, drew a Colt AR15 Commando assault rifle and a spare clip from a blue sports bag and began firing. It is impossible to comprehend, let alone portray the effect of the collision of such sudden horror with such peaceful everydayness. One can only provide the details as conveyed by survivors and deduced by forensic investigation.

The first twelve victims were killed with single shots to the head in fifteen seconds. This kill rate as it is prosaically termed by the military was nothing short of amazing. The fact that each was felled at an average range of twelve feet by a gunman firing from the hip and all the time swivelling as a precaution against counter attack was equally amazing.

The weapon of choice, the Colt, was the perfect tool for the job. Firing a small, 5.56 (.22)calibre round at extremely high velocity, it packs enough kinetic energy to blow apart human heads like over-ripe melons. This is exactly what it did in the Broad Arrow Cafe.

After moving into the souvenir shop of the cafe seeking further victims, the murderer's total indoor tally was twenty killed (nineteen head-shot) and twelve wounded - 32 killed or injured with 29 rounds. Several people had been hit with bullet shards and bone fragments from other victims.

The gunman had stopped at round number 29 for good reason. He was using 30 round clips. With one round still in the chamber, he was able to change clips without, again, leaving himself vulnerable to counter-attack.

An eerie silence pervaded the scene of the carnage. The moaning and crying of the wounded was audible but this was nothing in comparison to the concussion-inducing roar of the muzzle blast bouncing of the walls of the contained space.

The gunman waited some minutes before leaving his blood-soaked sanctuary for the uncertainty of the outdoors. The official version has it that he left the cafe immediately after firing the last shot but this has been disputed - like so much else in the official version.

Wendy Scurr, a trained nurse who worked at Port Arthur as a tour guide was one of the first into the cafe after disregarding a bullet whining past her head a short time earlier. She was accompanied by two people she had trained in first aid. In her nursing career Wendy had been confronted by truly horrific scenes, but none like this. She would suffer classical post traumatic shock for many years afterwards. Blood fills her memories - the strong smell of warm blood, blood squelching underfoot, blood-spattered walls and blood dripping from the ceiling. She remembers a human brain resting in a plate of potato chips. She remembers an Asian couple sitting at a table - the woman with a piece of cutlery in her hand, the man with a finger through the handle of coffee cup - looking up from their meal as though surprised. Both had neat bullet holes in their foreheads.

Once out in the car park the man, as casually as a golfer selecting a more suitable iron, switched to a Belgian FN SLR .308 This is a heavier weapon - a driver instead of a five iron, but unlike the marginal readjustment needed switching between clubs, the behaviour between the two weapons because of weight and kick was considerable. It was of no consideration though to this particular marksman who did not appear to miss a beat. More killed and wounded dropped where he found them. Echos of the rifle shots rolled across the open space.

He then got into a Yellow Volvo and drove toward the toll booth at the entrance to the Port Arthur Historic Site. The Volvo belonged to a local man named Martin Bryant. Bryant, 28 at the time, is intellectually disabled. With with an IQ of 66 and the mental age of an eleven year old, he is literally a moron.

It was then that by the unkindest twist of fate that he spotted 36 year old Nanette Mikac running with her two daughters away from the Broad Arrow Cafe to presumed safety. He stopped the car, got out and aimed the rifle at the woman who was holding her youngest daughter, three year old Madelain, in her arms. Ignoring her pleas for mercy, he killed them both with a single bullet. Six year old Alanah - the girl with stars in her sky blue eyes, the girl with a sign hanging on her bedroom door proclaiming 'Future Miss Australia - ran for her life. It would last only several seconds though as he fired again and cut her down.

The shooting, up to this point, had lasted just 17 minutes. Just four minutes before it had started, the only two police in the area had been lured to the remote location of Saltwater River on a bogus tip-off concerning a stash of heroin which turned out to be soap powder. The informant had chosen to remain anonymous and had taken the trouble to call the local police rather than 000, the emergency number that records all calls. It would take at least 30 minutes to return to Port Arthur from Saltwater River. The police being so far away also meant there'd be no-one to raise the draw bridge connecting Port Arthur to the rest of the peninsular it was separated from, thus effectively sealing the area. This is just one of the many factors that have caused many to doubt that the right man received retribution for this horrific crime - the worst in the nation's history. Could Martin Bryant, the man who was charged with its commission and has sat for almost fourteen years in Risdon Prison with no hope of release, be the wrong man? Could a man with an IQ of 66 be capable of such meticulous planning?

The man in the Yellow Volvo sped towards the toll-booth at the entrance to the Port Arthur Histrorical site where he stopped and killed four more people. He got back into the car and continued in his quest of extinguishing human life wherever he found it. Perhaps for a distraction, or to break the monotony, he also killed two cars that day. Adopting a free-standing position like a hunter stalking fast moving big game, he brought them, at range, to a halt with single shots to the engine blocks.

Abandoning the Volvo with a Daewoo combat shotgun in the boot, the killer commandeered a BMW and took one of its occupants hostage. He originally intended to take the female companion hostage but the man, Glen Pears, had offered to take her place. He then blasted the hysterical woman.

The action then moves to the Seascape Cottage guesthouse where the final scenes will be played out. The guesthouse belongs to David Martin and his wife, acquaintances of Martin Bryant. It's rumoured that bad blood exists between Bryant and the Martins. The official version of events has it that the Martins were Bryant's first two victims earlier in the day but this isn't possible. At 10.40 AM, when Andrew Simmons and his wife Lynn were standing outside their house directly opposite the Seascape, they heard several shots coming from the guesthouse. It was around this time that Gary King, an employee at the Shell service station at Forcett, 58 kilometres away, remembers serving coffee to Martin Bryant.

The gunman takes his hostage into the Seascape and barricades himself in. Some time later the BMW is reported burning nearby. The Beamer was evidently torched by a policeman to prevent it being used as a getaway vehicle. This seems extreme though. What was wrong with the tried and trusted method of bullets in tyres? Could it have been rather to obliterate the fact that not one Martin Bryant fingerprint would be found on it?

Back at Port Arthur pandemonium rages like bushfire. Wendy Scurr had set up a triage system with her volunteer helpers. Curiously, but as a graphic illustration of what she has to live with, she blames herself to this day for abandoning a man as beyond help who against the odds continued to live and apparently still does. She describes a surreal scene of people kneeling in pools of blood, desperately trying to staunch the flow of it while at the same time another volunteer picked his way through the bedlam delivering cups of tea. Wendy and her helpers were working under extreme stress, not knowing where the shooter was, and expecting him to return at any moment. At around this time nerves must have almost snapped like rubber bands at the sound of three more rifle-shots. Later examination of the time-line revealed that at this exact time the swathe of death had already come to halt at the Seascape Cottage. So who fired the three shots at Port Arthur? It remains part of the fog of mystery.

Feeling naturally under imminent threat of execution, Wendy and her people had desperately being trying to contact police even as they fought to save lives. No police arrived. Then the sound of a helicopter landing raised hopes and turned the tide of draining courage. The chopper though dropped off only two police officers then quickly returned to Hobart. Wendy says these police were unarmed but as all Australian police sport side arms, she apparently means they were lacking the type of weaponry needed to take on someone armed with assault rifles. The officers did the best they could to help. No police arrived in force until six hours after the slaughter began although ambulances were beginning to arrive. The tardiness of the police presence is inexplicable except for two alternatives: either those in charge were consumed by an inordinate concern for the safety of their brothers in arms, or they were responding to pressure to stay away from the crime scene until the perpetrator/s had gained safety. Neither reflects well on Tasmania Police.

When Walter Mikac arrived and saw the bodies of his wife and two little girls, his reaction was predictable: he was instantly transformed into someone else, someone howling, crying, deranged, beyond reach.

The police surrounded the Seascape Cottage just before nightfall and settled in for a siege that would last until the return of daylight. As there was no way in or out, and Martin Bryant would stagger on fire from the blazing building in the morning, it was obvious that he was inside the guesthouse at this point. It is though incomprehensible why Bryant, who had apparently been smart enough to decoy police away from Port Arthur, wasn't smart enough to flee the area altogether given the incredible length of time it had taken for appropriately equipped police to arrive. But who else was inside beside Bryant and his supposed hostage? There had to be at least one other person because at the very same time that Bryant was calmly talking to police by phone, rifle shots were ringing out from the same location - at least 20 in total as recorded in the negotiator's tapes. As Bryant would have been flat out chewing gum and tying his shoes up at the same time, who was doing the shooting? At least 250 shots were fired from the Seascape that night. No-one was hit.

As foreshadowed, the Seascape went up in flames at around 8.15 in the morning. Who set fire to it. Bryant? Even to someone with an IQ as low as his, it would not have made a great deal of sense to set fire to the building inside which you happen to be residing. The police? If so, this would appear to be just a little bit rash given there was a hostage inside. Martin emerged with the clothes on his back on fire. This is unusual for someone escaping from a burning building. Usually the flames are more evenly distributed. Was Bryant lying face down on a floor, perhaps drugged, when the fire started, only to be awoken by the pain of his back burning? If this was, in contradiction of the lone nut theory, in fact a conspiracy, it would obviously have been much more convenient for Bryant to have died in the fire.

The bulk of the information related here is taken from two main sources: Deadly Deception at Port Arthur, by the late Joe Vialls, a freelance investigative journalist, and Deceit and Terrorism, by Andrew MacGregor, a former Victoria policeman. Although disagreeing on several fundamental points, both books raise profoundly disturbing questions and come to the same conclusions: Port Arthur was the result of a complex conspiracy and that the name, Martin Bryant should rate alongside Lee Harvey Oswald's as a synonym for the American word, patsy. Contrary to the open and shut case conducted by the media, not one shred of DNA, ballistic or fingerprint evidence links Bryant to the crime.

After examining the cases presented by both writers, particularly Vialls, it is impossible to believe that Bryant was the shooter in the Broad Arrow Cafe. It could be said that the real perpetrators outsmarted themselves and made a grievous mistake in employing a killer with such lethal efficiency. Indeed, as Vialls emphasises, the skills demonstrated in the cafe would be possessed by only a handful of Special Forces types world-wide. The shooter, it will be remembered, was firing from the hip and spinning while correcting from the recoil with every shot. Bryant is left-handed. He had had no military training. His firearms experience had been limited to knocking a few cans off a fence with a single shot Webley Osprey, firing from the shoulder, as most do to have any chance of hitting anything.

It will also be remembered that nearly all the victims in the Broad Arrow were shot in the head. This would also be the result of special military training, taking into consideration the possibility of adversaries wearing bullet-proof vests. Coincidentally, the dimensions of the cafe were very similar to the spaces in which such outfits as the US Navy Seals and Delta Force practise diffusing hostage situations.

Bryant never had a trial. Even if he had, the possibility of a fair one would have been beyond him as his photo had been flashed world-wide and was appearing on TV screens virtually before the gun-smoke had cleared. This was an outrageous example of witness identification being corrupted. It is for this very reason that police usually go to extreme lengths to prevent such an occurrence. Although the photo was obtained through dubious means, no-one was ever charged or even reprimanded.

Initially, Bryant steadfastly pleaded not guilty. For a mass murderer, virtually caught red-handed to be pleading not guilty seemed remarkable at the time, but then again, in the anger and confusion most were accepting the accounting at face value. In spite of being kept in solitary confinement for long periods, Bryant continued to plead not guilty for five months. His original barrister then mysteriously resigned to be replaced by John Avery, who, to paraphrase Andrew MacGregor, immediately began working for the Prosecution by badgering Bryant to change his plea to guilty. Bryant still held out. According to Tasmanian reporter, Mike Bingham, it was only after Bryant was visited by his mother and told that unless he pleaded guilty to spare her the pain of a trial, both she and Bryant's sister, Lindy, would commit suicide, that he caved in.

Adding to Bryant's egregious denial of justice was no less than the Prime Minister who urged that no Coronial Inquiry be held, ostensibly to spare those involved the pain it may cause. As a barrister he would have been in no doubt that this was highly prejudicial to the case of someone charged with any crime. This was nothing short of an act of contempt as it is defined. Radio commentators have been gaoled for less. Howard of course wasn't. Australian law dictates that a crime involving the deaths of foreigners, as this one did, necessitates a Coronial Inquiry.

Both Vialls and MacGregor add many strange pieces to the jigsaw puzzle, perhaps the strangest being the procurement by the Tasmanian government shortly before the massacre of a mortuary truck capable of carrying 22 bodies - the only one of its kind in Australia. Why would one be needed in tiny Tasmania, probably the least violent, most uneventful state in the Federation? It was sold several years after the massacre, apparently having served its purpose. Here is the advertisement that appeared on the internet in September 1999:

Vehicle for Sale.
Genuine Enquiries only.
Yellow Chevrolet 350 V8 truck with refrigerated body, holds 22, this vehicle was primarily used as the disaster vehicle in the Port Arthur Massacre. This vehicle is currently for sale and all reasonable offers will be considered. The vehicle has value as not only a refrigerated unit for body removal, it is the only one of its kind in the entire country. The "memorabilia" value of it for anyone making a movie/series or writing a book on Port Arthur is limitless. Not only would the purchaser be getting the disaster vehicle, but the whole Port Arthur Story would be given as well.
This vehicle is currently for sale and all REASONABLE OFFERS will be considered.

In May 1996, Tim Fisher, the then Deputy Prime Minister said something singularly strange. Addressing a meeting of professional shooters in Alice Springs, he said, "If we don't get it right this time, the next time there is a massacre, and there will be, they'll take all our guns of us." As it transpired, we did get it "right". 400,000 rifles were handed in and destroyed - not stored in case our almost non-existent defence forces needed help in defending the country, but pulped. It required merely the deaths of 35 people and the wounding of another 22.

But who were "they"? This seems to imply a force or power external to Australia. Is this how our government was cowed into obfuscation and cover-up? Was it blackmailed? Would the terms have been along the lines of "either disarm your population or expect mass killings until you do"?

Understandably, most people would reel away from this possibility in absolute horror and disbelief. But they should at least part the fingers across their eyes to look at least briefly with an unflinching gaze. If they were to do this would realise that the Port Arthur atrocity had all the hallmarks of a classic psy-ops in the parlance of those familiar with such exercises: psychological operation designed to attain political goals through terror. They are commonplace but the big ones stand out. The allowance of the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Roosevelt gang in order to gain entry to World War Two is one. What was the sacrifice of 2,400 American citizens in the grand scheme of things? 911 was another - an obvious inside job, or "false flag" operation as its known in the trade. This effectively justified and facilitated an unprovoked attack against a sovereign nation. Port Arthur may one day be seen as our 911.

The white-hot, burning question remains: who was responsible? We'll probably never know. It's worth though considering certain realities. Disarmament is considered by the UN to be almost a holy crusade. They do not however mean the disarmament of nations - not yet anyway. First things first, and the first thing here is disarmament within nations. As the Stormtroop division for world government, this illustrious organisation is painfully aware that even though you can fool most of the people most of the time, there will always be a hard core of those who will not toe the line. Worse, they may inspire others to emulate them. As the heat from the blow-torch comes nearer, these intransigents who refuse to bow down will become more and more dangerous. Therefore, it is axiomatic that a prerequisite for world government will be universal disarmament of the citizenry.

But why Australia? As Graham L Strachan points out in his book, Globalisation: Demise of the Australian Nation, Australia is probably the most globalised nation on Earth, having effectively surrendered its economic sovereignty. He goes as far as to say that the country has become a kind of guinea pig - a test case. So far, we are passing that test with flying colours. Our 'government' will always do as its told.

It can't happen here no longer applies to Australia. We are no longer the cosy country safely insulated from the nastiness taking place in the rest of the world. If it can happen anywhere, it can happen here. Welcome to globalisation. Welcome to being seamlessly woven into the world-wide web of evil.

In memory of Joe Vialls
and the 35 killed at Port Arthur

Monday, January 25, 2010


This is the time-honoured enquiry made by young men arriving at a party where the presence of the opposite sex isn't immediately apparent. The same enquiry may also be made in relation to the glaringly apparent absence of the fairer sex in what the media like to term 'the extreme right wing of Australian politics'. What is meant by this is nationalism.

If the right to left political continuum could be colour-coded - blue for boys and pink for girls - the right end would be a deep blue, the centre would be lilac, and on the left would be a fair amount of pink speckling. If validation of this theory were needed one would only need to attend, say, a meeting of International Socialists, and then visit a meeting of anti-immigration enthusiasts and compare the results. At the Nuremberg-like, mother of all get-togethers of over-enthusiastic anti-immigration enthusiasts at a certain beach-side locality several years ago, only a sprinkling of pink petals bobbed in a swirling sea of testosterone. Why is it so? as an eccentric, televised scientist used to ask as the experiment gave the repeatable result yet again.

A quick search of the internet reveals a depressing lack of research into this phenomenon. This perhaps could be ground-breaking investigation. A premise this exploration will assume, much to the chagrin of feminists who constitute many of pink sprinkles on the left (so it doesn't matter) is that there are fundamental differences between the sexes apart from the obvious physical ones. The physical differences being so pronounced, it should not surprise that men and women also inhabit different mental worlds. Biology is destiny (this is fingernails scraping on a blackboard to Feminists).

Why would it be that the Left is attractive to females? For starters, that is where Feminism is situated on the political spectrum. It should be borne in mind that we are discussing here the New Left - not the musty old Left that died with history's failure to conform to the prediction of capitalism's collapse, not to mention the collapse of its home in the Soviet Union. What we are indeed concerned with here is the New Left. Along with Feminism as its star recruit, the New Left is concerned with every shade and hue of 'social justice', with perhaps the sole exception of the injustices still suffered by white, working class men. They evidently ended up in the dust and rubble with the Old Left. High ranking union officials like to pretend that that isn't the case, but to paraphrase the once lovely Mandy Rice Davies, they would, wouldn't they - given their pampered, jet-setting life styles.

Within the Left there is a curious twist. Notwithstanding its thorny, knotty nature, it was resolved with silk-like smoothness. How it was done must remain one of nature's impenetrable secrets. The conundrum was the towering contradiction posed by Feminism's strident defence of 'women's rights' confronted by the Left's general championing of multiculturalism which, by definition, had to include the brutal trampling of women's rights that is the hallmark of our growing Islamic sub-culture. Without discussion, without riotous, blood-spilling committee meetings, this issue seemed to be resolved the way a flock of birds suddenly, without communication, decides to change direction. This pocket of resistance was quietly surrendered to the enemy. Multiculturalism trumped Feminism. Like the pedophile uncle, this matter is never discussed.

With its perennial and 'selfless' concern for society's victims, it is perhaps only natural for the Left to be a lure to women who after all are the carers and nurturers of the race. This should not be a controversial statement but in a world sadly turned upside down, it is. How though could they not be carers and nurturers by nature given the role they play in the incubation and care of the race's new arrivals. Unfortunately this natural bent has been exploited many times over for commercial and political gain. The historically low wages and poor conditions of nurses is an obvious example. Using women to inspire men go to war is another. If woman, who is a gentle pacifist by nature, is urging men to go to war, that war must be an entirely just and unavoidable enterprise.

There are of course exceptions to the rule. Our self-styled antipodean Joan of Arc, Pauline Hanson, personified that exception. It could possibly be argued though that it was precisely because of her rarity as a woman on the wrong side of the political tracks that she became such star - a created star at that - created by the media which once they had discovered that the creation was a monster, did their level best to kill it.

While Pauline's trajectory was arcing across the firmament, a parallel career was virtually flat-lining below it. This was the challenge extended to the political establishment by Graham Campbell, a rogue Labor Party politician and former minister who continued to hold the federal seat of Kalgoorlie as an Independent. Campbell was immensely experienced and was loaded with the concomitant political savvy. He was saying most of the same things as Hanson, only much more intelligently, but because of his being ignored by the media and 'starved of oxygen', be died a slow, political death.

Scientific fact: whereas men think predominantly with the brain's left hemisphere - the home of cold hard logic - a woman's thinking is shared evenly between the left and the right hemisphere which is where we are thinking when we are said to be thinking with the heart. To present a hypothesis, which admittedly would be extremely difficult to test, we need a lifeboat packed with passengers who've just escaped a sinking ship. In the water surrounding the boat other survivors are struggling, screaming for help and trying to get into the boat. If those already in the boat were all female, the struggling unfortunates would be helped into the boat. If those in the boat were all male, it would be quickly realised that if any more were allowed to board the boat it would sink and no-one would have any chance of survival. Accordingly, steps would be taken to prevent that eventuality even if it meant smashing heads with oars. The left side of the brain would be whirring with rationalisations about the greater good. The monster of a moral dilemma is neatly resolved. The ladies' boat is headed for the bottom.

In modern times though, it must be admitted, women have toughened up, but largely in the wrong direction through having been led up the garden path by Feminism. Most women, at least to some degree, have been affected by what has been called 'an ideology of pure selfishness'. While initially addressing long standing injustices, it veered off, once the injustices had been for all intents and purposes remedied, into where all causes based on victim-hood end up: in a perpetual war against a largely non-existent enemy. The non-existent enemy in this case was of course men - all men. The energy this struggle sapped from women left little to be used in the fight against real enemies. The all pervading 'awareness' of 'patriarchy' and men in general as the oppressors left little room on the mental screen for projecting the image of a tyrannical, global elite hell-bent on usurping the natural rights of men and women everywhere, and busting nations in an insane pursuit of transforming the world into one, great serfdom.

To be sure, that this could be happening, at first sight, seems so breathtakingly incredible that it is not difficult to see why it is dismissed by so many as paranoid delusion. That this perception could be easily swept aside by means of even the most rudimentary research - needing of course motivation in the first place - goes without saying. But perhaps a more important aid in lifting the curtain on what is coming is a capacity for abstract thinking - the ability to see what isn't. Judging by the huge male preponderance in the fields of philosophy and invention, it may not be too outrageous to claim that men may be just a little more gifted than women in this department. (Before the high-heeled shoes begin being thrown, the much fabled women's intuition is duly noted.)

To be able to see what isn't, one needs to be able to extrapolate from what is, as well as current trends (especially when those trends show no sign of ever stopping or changing course) to see what will be. Agreeing in advance to the obvious poor value of anecdotal evidence, strong motivation urges the inclusion of just one small sliver. When a young, intelligent woman was told that Australia's current immigration policies would eventually lead to Australians becoming a minority in their own country, she was scornful. 'Do you really think that could ever possibly happen? she wanted to know. Because Australia since its settlement has been an essentially white country, she was assuming, notwithstanding rolling breakers of third world immigration, that it would always be so. To someone extrapolating from current trends it was obvious that it wouldn't.

The same woman apologises profusely whenever expressing anything that could even remotely be construed as a 'racist' sentiment. Whenever this happens, one cannot escape the feeling that this reaction is identical to that of a religious person on letting slip a heresy. This leads to another possible reason why women are essentially uninterested in nationalism.

To anyone with experience of raising or teaching girls it would be readily apparent that they are different to boys - in terms of their being better behaved - girls good, boys bad. When girls turn into women they retain their predilection for being good and being perceived as good. It's not for nothing that they have been termed 'God's police'. When, for example, Western society was still strongly influenced by moral values, the demarcation line between 'good' girls and 'bad' girls was as clearly defined as the 38th parallel on the Korean peninsular. Many's the man who married the girl of his dreams simply because it was the only way to fulfill that dream in the carnal sense.

Times sure have changed but maybe not in women's still wanting to be good in whatever way society deems 'good'. With media, the education system, the churches, governments and bureaucracies lecturing us to the point of hypnotism on the evils of nationalism, and even worse, being concerned about your race, is it any wonder women may be tempted to avoid this yawning den of iniquity? To some women, being seen leaving one of these nests of nationalist malcontents would probably be worse than being seen leaving a house of ill repute.

On the other hand, there is evidently a sizable proportion of the male population who don't mind being seen as 'bad boys', in fact even reveling in it. This is perhaps where most of society's rebels have come from. This might be where we should be looking for nationalists - provided they have the additional attributes of a capacity for independent thinking and a store of moral courage.

So now at least we might have some idea of why the girls are missing from the party. However, as Mr Marx (not Groucho) so succinctly put it: 'The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. The point however, is to change it." How do we get the girls to the party?

Angelic, gentle, pure and sweet is how man has seen woman since even when she was covered in primeval mud. But she also has another side, hidden most of the time but nevertheless only quietly dozing. It is terrible and frightening. But how to awaken it?
What does she care about more than anything else in the world - even the one who thinks he is number one? It is of course her children. It is for these she will fight like a tigress, and if necessary, gladly die.

It must somehow be communicated to the women of this country that the future is extremely uncertain at best, and as perilous as a battlefield at worse. A dark future, perhaps difficult to see now, is nevertheless heading toward us with gathering speed. As individuals more concerned with shopping, celebrity antics and soap operas than with the survival of our race we are lost. Atomised, the way those who think they own us want us, as we are invaded by those who think and act as collectively as bees in a hive, we have no chance. Our children have no chance. As they come to adulthood in a country that should have been theirs but find instead the ruins of a collapsed tower of Babel where they are the objects of scorn of a hundred different tribes they will scream their rage and pain into the wind: 'Why were we betrayed so? Why such a miserable inheritance?'

By a strange twist of synchronicity, as this essay was nearing completion, the perfect ending was stumbled upon. Provided by F. Roger Devlin in "The ‘Reafricanization’ of the West", American Renaissance, June 2008, it cannot be improved upon.

'Many racially conscious whites worry about the absence of women in our ranks, but I believe they have it backwards. We do not need women on our side to succeed politically; we need to succeed politically to have women on our side. As soon as we start winning, the ladies will find our arguments plausible, our faces handsome, and our jokes witty. Direct political action by women is not part of the European tradition; respect for the vital female role in the family is. When we have done our work, they will gladly do theirs: bear our race’s children.'

Monday, January 18, 2010

OPEN LETTER TO THE HONOURABLE TONY ABBOT, Leader of the Opposition. SUBJECT: How to win the next Federal election

Dear Mr Abbot,

Presumptuousness, even audacity, may be words that spring to mind at the idea of someone in an exalted position such as yours receiving advice from out of the nebulous swirl constituting the general public. I however hasten to point out that, in what we are constantly reminded of as being the great Australian representative democracy, it should not be outside the bounds of decency for one who is represented to be communicating his views to one who represents.

At the risk of rekindling the perception of presumptuousness, if one has in fact arisen, I would like to suggest that from my vantage-point jostling in the crowd, I may be able to discern facts and factors possibly missed by your vantage-point which tends, by its very nature, to see over the heads of that same crowd. This necessary view by a leader tends to cause an unavoidable detachment from those being led. Conversely, it is just as unavoidable for one who is barely a blood-vessel in the body politic to be aware of certain collective moods and attitudes.

The value of my opinion, I like to think, is increased by an objectivity bred over years of disenchantment with the political system, nay, rather a bitter cynicism that culminated many years ago in refusing to take my, albeit infinitesimal, part in the political process by refusing to vote. Why, I reasoned, participate in what I recognised as nothing more than a sham and a farce designed to create the illusion of legitimacy for whichever indistinguishable gang whose turn it was to rule? When the choice we are given, particularly on the issues that really matter, are either cigarette-paper-thin or non existent it is fairly obvious to anyone not drugged with propaganda that we are ruled by a plutocracy acting as a duopoly pretending to be a democracy.

Now with the preliminaries out of the way, I would like to extend to you an invitation to at least alleviate my disillusionment and and convince me to go one step further than having my name marked off at the polling booth when your political baptism by fire takes place.

You can do this by taking a real stand on four key issues. They are climate change, illegal immigration, the double-bunger of legal immigration and multiculturalism, and, believe it or not, Japanese whaling. There is a fifth issue on which you have already declared your position and that is 'work choices'. This declaration needs to be made much more emphatically and unequivocally.

Climate Change
Since Kevin Rudd came slinking back from Copenhagen like a cur with its tail between its legs, you have in many peoples' eyes gained a critically important initiative. The task here is to husband this windfall you have gained in being vindicated by the world's wise refusal to follow Mister Rudd and Mister ... sorry, Mzzz Wong, into cloud cuckoo land. You've already made an excellent start on this by waving away interviewers' inquiries about your 'beliefs' on this subject and maintaining that you are only interested in facts. Hear, hear! Let the other side continue to be the belief mongers - which, because of a Northern winter cloaking Europe and North America in more ice and snow than has been seen since the last Ice Age, has suddenly become an exercise in pushing a very viscous, dark and pungent substance up an exceedingly steep hill.

You really don't need me to tell you what surgical delicacy is needed here in letting the facts speak for themselves to a public drenched in emotion-tearing propaganda but I'll take the liberty in reminding you anyway. Perhaps the best and easiest way to start would be to gently begin to rock the tomb-stone of suppression that has been placed on the huge body of science that, once set free, would argue vociferously against man-made global warming. Of course you should continue as you are in not actually coming straight out and admitting you see anthropogenic global warming as the greatest scam ever perpetrated on mankind. Simply allow the facts, with perhaps a little gentle nudging toward the light of day, to do the persuading.

You have already driven awareness of the great, big tax that would underpin an Emissions Trading Scheme like a stake into the heart of a vampire. Keep driving it; do not let this monster come back to life. Do not for one moment let the electorate forget that this cascade of money would be funding an exercise in utter futility given the piddling amount that we are adding to the fraction of one per cent of atmospheric CO2 compared to the belching smoke-stacks to our North.

But make no mistake, the Australian public wants real environmental protection. Let's call it environmental nationalism ... on second thought, it's probably better not to include the word nationalism in anything as it's become almost an expletive. Be that as it may, Australians would much prefer environmentalism, like charity, to begin at home. It's imperative that we begin to wean ourselves off the idea that it's up to us to save the entire planet. Here is an opportunity to show that your credentials are actually a brighter shade of green than the Labor Party's, and even those of the watermelon Greens (pink on the inside).

For at least a century a startling idea has bewitched the minds of men who can visualise titanic achievements: instead of continuing to allow the the millions of tons of fresh water that flow annually down the Eastern slopes of Queensland's section of the Great Dividing Range out into the sea, diverting it back through the mountains into the great inland river complex ready and waiting to accept and distribute it. The great, central deserts could be transformed into gardens of Eden. Of course there would be the nay sayers giving a myriad of reasons why this couldn't be done, but bear in mind their forerunners were giving very similar reasons why the Snowy Mountains Scheme couldn't be done. The possibility at least deserves a feasibility study. This of course would require a lead given by a man of true vision.

Illegal Immigration
If there were any Australians not embarrassed by the spectacle of an Australian ship tied up for weeks at an Indonesian port until its load of illegals deigned to disembark, then they are beyond embarrassment. This would have had to have been the absolute nadir of softness in 'combatting' this scourge. Any measure whatsoever would have to look like 'getting tough'. And getting tough is exactly what the Australian people want - real toughness and by this is meant that although the measures employed by Mr Howard went some way to halt the invasion of 'boat people', much more is required. The next time a politician gets hairy chested and states that 'we will decide who comes to Australia' he wants to be sure that he is not indulging in a charade sniggered at by more people than he dare to imagine.

The irony of the Indonesian debacle was that after the Sri Lankans hoping to cash in on the benefits of living in the West had finally been induced to leave the Oceanic Viking by promises we can only vaguely guess at, the Indonesians were unashamedly talking about towing future arrivals all the way back to Sri Lanka. Now that's tough.. Why is it that we wouldn't even dare contemplate something that Indonesia wouldn't bat an eyelid about? Could it be because of our paralyzing fear of the giant bogey man squatting in New York, created as the spearhead of world government: the United Nations? You can already hear the squeals and moans emanating from this nest of tinpot dictators if ever we reneged on any of the myriad of agreements and conventions we've signed in a perversion of our own constitution. So what? Spare a thought for the hundreds of UN resolutions ignored by Israel alone - evidently with complete impunity. Once again - why should we be the bunnies? What has the UN ever done for us - apart from siphon off our sovereignty? If the UN so strongly objected to our endeavouring to reclaim some of our sovereignty, then perhaps it might be in our best interest to hand in our resignation. But given that this would be received as such a startling, almost unthinkable notion, it may be best to keep this one from the electorate.

Take a look however at the rising groundswell in Europe where it is sinking in that if things are allowed to continue as they are for for a mere two generations longer there will not be a Europe. Standing on its dead carcass will be Islamic republics. Take a look especially at Italy's new found resolve in dealing with illegal immigrants. No doubt these rediscovered testicles have put a lot of liberal noses out of joint but the sky hasn't fallen in. Italy is exercising its sovereignty and surprise, surprise, isn't being invaded by a European Union army intent on inflicting punitive action for its outrageous behaviour. The United Nations has probably made the requisite splutters but all in all the New World Order has been made to look very much like a paper tiger. Oops, did I just say New World Order? Sorry. We all know that doesn't exist.

Immigration and Multiculturalism
Illegal immigration is the hot-button issue but of course those of us in the know are fully aware that this is just a grain of rice in a cooking bowl compared to the legal immigration invasion washing over us. One really doesn't need to know that we are currently experiencing a record high immigration level - recently estimated at half a million per year when all categories of visas allowing permanent and semi-permanent residency are included. One only has to look at the faces in our cities changing before our very eyes. Remember when we were told that Asian immigration would be kept at such an infinitesimal level that it would never have any effect on the racial make-up of the country? That was a good one!

Just about every poll ever conducted shows that an overwhelming majority of Australians want immigration reduced, if not discontinued altogether. When exactly was it that the meaning of 'democracy' was turned on its head to be interpreted as complete disregard of the will of the majority? Could this be considered an example of Orwellian 'doublethink'? If so, would it not be more honest to jettison the notion of democracy and replace it with something like 'The Republic of We Know What's Best For You'? Paradoxically, the ideal of democracy has become a shabby dirty thing even in the eyes of the elite who are constantly reminding us that it was something our forebears fought for. Any politician today who has the temerity to carry out the will of the people is contemptuously dismissed as a 'populist'. A populist would no doubt be defined as a cynical charlatan; ergo true democrat equals populist equals cynical charlatan.

It would probably be best not to irritate the hopelessly indoctrinated by coming straight out and saying that if elected you will be slashing immigration. It would be far better to couch it in terms of saying that should the economy unexpectedly seriously deteriorate, consideration would have to be given to reviewing the immigration level. This is perfectly reasonable given that during the depression of the thirties immigration was virtually eliminated.

The beauty of this tactic is that a trigger is set in place ready to be pulled at the appropriate time, and you and I both know that the appropriate time is rapidly approaching. Contrary to what the happy talking heads are chirping about in their mindless optimism, an economic storm is brewing which will make the Global Financial Crisis look like a sun-shower.
Here is what Craig Roberts has to say, quoted in an article entitled 'The Economic Pearl Harbor' published in Uncensored, December 2009 - March 2010: 'The worst part of the decline is yet to come. Bank failures and home foreclosures are yet to peak. The commercial real estate bust is yet to hit. The dollar crisis is building. When it hits, interest rates will rise dramatically as the US struggles to finance its massive budget and trade deficits while the rest of the world tries to escape a depreciating dollar.' (Italics mine) Having been an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, Roberts should know what he's talking about.

By the same token, it may be a little difficult in straitened economic times to justify the seven billion dollars per year spent on supporting the groaning structure of multiculturalism.
This is the figure given after painstaking analysis by in The Cost of Multiculturalism by Steven Rimmer, a senior economist in the Commonwealth public service. The figure, he hastens to add, includes only those costs appearing on the surface and not those that have been craftily hidden by sleight of hand.

A glance at today's newspaper reveals two multicultural 'success' stories on adjacent pages. One reports on riots at the Australian Open tennis tournament. Riots at a tennis match! This could not have even been envisaged in the time of Lew Hoad and Ken Rosewall when Australia in multicultural retrospect is seen as so unendurably boring. The other story concerns the surfeit of sexual attacks by taxi drivers on unsuspecting or intoxicated and trusting passengers, giving rise to the possibility that it may be safer for women to hitch hike home rather than risk coming into proximity with this filth. Strange. This would have been absolutely unheard of when Australian men were driving taxis. This is the 'enrichment' that just keeps on giving. It has to be worth every cent of seven billion.

Japanese Whaling
Like illegal immigrants this is another rolled-gold, hot-button issue. Because we live in an increasingly feminised society, the deaths of whales looms as a far greater threat than the dispossession of the Australian people. But that's OK because you can use this issue to great advantage. Whereas the Rudd government says it will do 'whatever it takes' to end Japanese whaling in our vicinity but does nothing - strong words becoming no more than a pathetic whimper - you should be spelling out exactly the kind of actions you will be taking to solve this problem. Because Japanese whalers are operating in the territorial waters lapping the Antarctic ice sheets staked out by Australia, we have every right to do really do whatever it takes. This could include putting the Oceanic Viking to far better use than rescuing refugees who begin sinking their own boats as soon as it is sighted. Underneath the ship's name is emblazoned the word 'Hobart', signifying that this is in fact its home port. How very conveniently located for action in the Antarctic. The action could involve close shadowing or blocking progress. If this fails to achieve the desired result, surely we have at least one spare warship which really doesn't have much better to do that could be dispatched to the area to foil the Japanese illegality. The very presence of an Australian warship should be more than enough to put out the 'no trespassing' sign. If pain persists, instead of seeing a doctor, what about a shot across the bow. This would be sure to get their attention.

Admittedly this would probably generate Japanese displeasure but this would be negated completely by cheering world opinion. We would be heroes - the one little boy who refused to see the Emperor's clothes of 'scientific research'. On the domestic front, a solid promise along these lines would be a tonic to a people who have become extremely tired of feeling like another little boy - the one who has his lunch money stolen every day. This would be win, win, win (except of course in Tokyo). The female vote would be gushing in cascades because of your vow to save the whales and you would also nail the male vote by your promised display of machismo.

Work Choices
Don't even think about it. Declaring a truce in class warfare would pay undreamt of dividends. Bob Hawke, I'm sure even you would agree, was an immensely successful politician. Building bridges between labour and capital was a principal key to his success. At least in this regard, it may pay to take a leaf out of his book.

If you could follow at least some of this advice I may seriously consider taking up voting again. If you don't won't or can't, that will be OK as well because I will be rewarded with the gratification of knowing I was right all along - that Australian politicians are simply puppets dancing on the end of strings pulled by giants in the shadows and that voting is really just political masturbating.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


At the official level, reactions to this offensive Indian newspaper cartoon that equates Victorian police with the Ku Klux Klan have been varied. Our red-headed acting Prime Minister is positively flaming with outrage according to ABC news of 8/1/10: "Any suggestion of that kind is deeply deeply offensive to the police officers involved and I would absolutely condemn the making of a comment like that," Ms Gillard said. The Victorian police were equally unimpressed. Mr Cameron, the Victorian Police Commissioner said, "This is just terrible ... Victoria Police is a very tolerant organisation and Victoria is a very tolerant state. To suggest that Victoria Police is racist is just plain wrong and it's offensive to the good police we have here in Victoria." Hear, hear Ms Gillard and Mr Cameron. It is about time our officials broke the reflex habit of simply hanging their heads even lower in shame than customary whenever Australia was accused of being a racist country. The Victorian Opposition leader, Ted Baillieu, however seemed to be slipping back into the default mode of appeasement with his contribution: " ... the cartoon is unhelpful, but [I] can understand the anger in the Indian community".

The death of the Indian student in Melbourne that has reignited the issue of Indian nationals being ill treated in Australia is of course tragic. But then again so were the deaths of the Australians in the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, for which incidentally, we didn't blame all of India for something that was beyond their control, which conversely is what is happening now. Bad things happen.

The world class knee jerk reaction taking place in India is to automatically put the blame for the students death, as well as the assaults that occurred last year, onto us notoriously racism-maddened white devils. This is understandable given that people overseas, when thinking of Australians, invariably think of real Australians.

It is yet though to be established who killed the student, the killer's race or the motive. If the earlier crimes committed against Indians in Australia are any indication, there is a better than fifty per cent chance that the killer wasn't a white Australian. Last year's trouble was caused by Indians allegedly encroaching on the 'territory' of Lebanese Muslims who in turn dealt swift retribution.

Historically, there does not appear to be any love lost between Hindus and Muslims. Of those with any knowledge of the 'Partition' of 1947, who could forget those border-crossing trains arriving at Pakistani and Indian stations with packed carriages gushing blood?

But such was the blind faith - that could only be described as religious - of the engineers of Australian multiculturalism who believed they could perform the miracle of bringing to Australia people who would sooner tear each others throats out as soon as look at each other, yet embracing each other like party-goers on Ecstasy as soon as they landed. Perhaps it had something to do with what they were really putting in those aerosol cans being used to spray the passengers of the jets as they dropped down through the Australian clouds.

More than twenty five years ago Professor Geoffrey Blainey predicted such developments as those now involving the Australian Indian community having serious diplomatic ramifications.
He actually went further. To paraphrase, he foresaw an event such as a powerful nation sending forces into Australia in response to perceived brutality being committed against its nationals or racial kin in Australia. This is not such a far-fetched scenario; it has historical precedents, one of the most notable being Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia in response to the alleged ill treatment of Sudetenland's ethnic Germans. Whether the ill treatment is a pretext or not matters little to the country that has been invaded.

Of course in India there is very little understanding of racism. It's very rare - about as rare as a Chicken Tandoori. 'The [Indian] ... doth protest too much, me thinks.' Taking the high moral ground, it might be hoped, raises him above the rankest hypocrisy. India, for centuries, has been riven by religious, class, caste and racial conflict. Its class system is colour-coded with the lighter skinned rising to the top while those at the other end of the spectrum such as the coal-black Tamils sink to the bottom.

We were given the briefest of insights into this mentality when an Australian non-white cricketer was constantly called a monkey by Indian cricket crowds and even by at least one Indian cricketer. (This may have been what drove him to drink.)

India's 160 million 'harijans', as they were called by Ghandi - better known to us as 'untouchables' are so despised they barely make it into the category of human being. In the caste system they do not even make it on to the first rung of the ladder. When they die, they are not worth the cost of a cremation and even if the wherewithal could be raised it would be frowned upon because cremating someone lacking a soul would be considered a form of sacrilege. At the ancient, holy city of Varanasi on the Ganges where the constantly performed cremations earn the departed a release from the wheel of birth, death and rebirth, the bodies of untouchables are simply flung into the river for the vultures that are quick to spot a free feed.

This attack on us by India is a most egregious case of the pot calling the kettle black. It is however a type of poetic justice after years of sack-cloth wearing and self-flagellation over our terrible, racist past and the constant implied begging for forgiveness from our coloured, northern brothers. Can we really begrudge a few free kicks such as might be aimed at a man who flings himself to the ground as soon as the fight begins?

A damaged church, seen in the village of Raikia, India, after it was allegedly stormed by Hindu fundamentalists, on August 31, 2008. Indian authorities insisted they had halted deadly clashes between Hindus and Christians in the east of the country that have exposed it to stinging criticism. At least 10 people have died and thousands have fled their homes as a result of the violence in the coastal state of Orissa, with the Catholic church accusing police of failing to protect defenceless priests and nuns.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

AUSTRALIANS DECLARED ABSOLUTELY USELESS; Third Worlders clutching 457 visas come to rescue

We used to be told we needed immigrants to do the work that Australians did not deign to lower themselves to do (although it was never explained who did the this work before the advent of imported drudges); now we are being told we need imported workers because Australians just don't have the necessary skills (presumably because they are too lazy, stupid or addicted to drinking beer and watching sport to acquire them). Of course these terms are never officially employed; rather, we are constantly informed about a 'skills shortage', very much along the same lines as a water shortage, the type of natural disaster the cause of which is so mystifying and altogether beyond human control that insurance companies, although not exactly hot-beds of religion, employ the phrase, 'act of God'. The god being worshipped though through the sacrifice of the Australian worker is the god of Globalisation.

If there is indeed a skills shortage, and most tend to agree there is, there are only two possible ways this could have come about: either A)through criminal neglect by politicians who would not have the foresight to pack an umbrella on a rainy day or B)by being willfully engineered by the same politicians whose crimes are far more serious than the neglectful kind.

As it is extremely difficult to believe that our illustrious leaders could really be so cretinous as to allow something so valuable as our skills base to run down to such a catastrophic level by accident, one really has no option than to go with B). In scrambling like terrified recruits to fall into line with the New World Order, and obeying the orders of multinational corporations like beaten currs, they prove themselves beyond doubt to be deadly poison to those whose interests they lie about serving and who pay their salaries.

Because of the 'skills shortage' we needed the 457 visa arrangement to cater to a new type of immigrant - a type of guest worker, but one with the skills appropriate to plugging the many holes that had mysteriously opened where once there had been endemic unemployment. What exactly were these skills that were so unexpectedly in demand? Think of a skill - any skill. In fact, if one were to superimpose a list of the occupations eligible for a 457 visa onto a list of all the (even marginally skilled) occupations that existed, an almost perfect match would be found. More than a few 457 occupations barely make it into the skilled category. These include: amusement centre manager (probably advertised as a 'fun job'), post officer manager (notwithstanding Australia Post's army of employees), railway station manager (ditto for State Rail), residential care workers (normally employed straight off the street) massage therapists (happy ending?) and florists (tried Oxford Street?) Hairdressers, although admittedly skilled, also figure but who would have thought Australia needed any more hairdressers? Truck drivers were also included for a short time but given that most people with a car licence could learn to drive a truck with a few hours practice, a hasty retreat was beaten from this position. Possibly though it was the catastrophic potential inherent in big rigs driven by those not entirely sure of which side of the road should be on that soured this plan. Whichever, when Australia finds itself with an unskilled shortage, it will probably be about time to give the game away all together.

Is there any chance whatsoever of the 457 visa having a detrimental effect on the employment opportunities of Australians? Oh ye of little faith! How could you think such a thought? But just a minute. It seems that the self proclaimed protector of the Australian worker, the Australian Council of Trade Unions, has thought such a thought. Normally as tame as a pet puppy, it was moved to express mild concern in its submission to the Review of Australia's Labour Migration and Temporary Entry Program of April 2003. In amongst its lamenting the conditions of temporary workers, and the concomitant skills drain on their countries of origin, it observed '... the Federal Government's review of nursing's estimated shortages over the next five years to be in the order of 35,000. At the same time Australia (sic) young people have been turned away from training at the rate of nearly 2000 a year since 1997, as a result of the systematic de-funding by the Federal Government of training courses. In Victoria it is reported that in 2002 some "1300 Victorian students had missed out on a nursing career this year and the situation would worsen next year"'.(The Age 8/9/02) Perhaps not wanting to ruffle too many feathers, the ACTU was quick to add that it nevertheless saw globalisation as inevitable and that it was proud of its role as a full partner in its facilitation.

So why train workers when they can simply be ordered from overseas when the need arises? This no doubt is the sentiment being sweetly murmured into the pearly-pinks of our quislings by the corporate big wigs they stand in awe of, not a few of which are heading the multinationals who pay little or no tax here. This after all, as if we need reminding, is all about globalisation that is leading us all into the promised land. Understandably, overseas corporations have a predilection for importing their own people into management of their Australian operations, especially when there are language considerations. There is not a great deal to worry about in terms of opposition to this practice. '...[T]here should be minimal regulations in relation to personnel falling into the executive, managerial, professional and specialist categories ... globalisation of production in both goods and services was both good for Australia and [of course] inevitable.' This sums up the view of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as expressed in the Roach Inquiry of 1997 into the issue.

There is though a safeguard here and that is an onus placed on employers to check whether a position can be filled with local talent before importing it. Unfortunately the drawback is that this is pretty much an honour system as - get ready for it - THERE IS NO LABOUR MARKET TESTING. This effectively means that an employer can go right ahead and make that overseas call without the inconvenience of demonstrating that, try as they might, they simply could not find anybody in all of Australia to do the job in question. What a godsend this is to those mambers of ethnic groups, which unlike mug Australians, retain strong racial consciousness and would rather employ even the most incompetent of their own kind rather than any Australian, because ... well let's face it, they don't really like Australians.

There is an added, turbo-charged advantage to the importation of 457 holders, and that is that a Damocles sword hangs by a thread over the head of the person whose Australian residence is dependent on his keeping his job. He will of course go to far greater lengths to protect it than will his native equivalent. No condition will be too repugnant to him, no danger too threatening. As John Sutton, the national secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) told ABC radio on 14/4/08 '... three workers on 457 visas were killed on the job last year ... workers were badly underpaid ... living twelve to a house in appalling accommodation .. pay packets tampered with ... money deducted without permission'. Why wouldn't unscrupulous employers be lusting after 457s? Note that this union official's sympathies seem wholly with the woes of the imported worker who, in the final analysis, has probably never had it so good in comparison to where he's come from (invariably the third world). This is a rich irony given that joining a union is probably the last thing these people would risk, while the plight of Australians paying union dues which pay his salary, and whose jobs are put at risk by the 457 visa is effectively ignored.

If the thread breaks and the sword drops, much more in fact is at risk than the loss of temporary residence and, if no other sponsor can be found, then it's home you go. Just like the holders of student visas being handed out like free condoms in Bangkok, the holders of 457 visas are automatically in the draw for permanent residency. And to speed things along, both student visa holders and 457 workers can now gain permanent immigration status 'on shore'. No crystal ball is needed to predict an exponential growth in this back-door immigration. In the financial year 2007 to '08 roughly ninety per cent of the 17,760 of those gaining permanency via employer sponsorship were former 457 visa holders.

By amazing coincidence the US, a country that just like Australia got to where it is by the innovation and ingenuity of its people, now also finds itself with a 'skills shortage', the only remedy for is to go offshore for the required talent. Perhaps if just a little patience could be exercised, the jobs being exported could be married up with the overseas skills therefore cutting out a laborious stage of the exercise but that's another story. The American equivalent of the 457 visa is H1-B visa. This though has much more class than the Australian version. Firstly, a Bachelor's degree is the usual minimum prerequisite, and secondly, with a population many time's greater than Australia's, a cap of 65,000 per fiscal year is placed on the issuance.

Compared with that, in Australia it's more open slather than what the drunk say after the explosion in a shaving cream factory. At last count, there were 110,500 people working in Australia on 457 visas. In one year, 2007 to '08 there was a 27% increase. That rate of increase will, if continued and there is absolutely no reason to believe it won't, (the smart money will be on an increased rate) obviously see a doubling every four years. Remember, there is no actual test of whether any particular job could be undertaken by a native before an import is sought. So what jobs are we likely to be left with? Traffic intersections can only accommodate so many windscreen cleaners.

Keen monitoring my even be rewarded by the recognition of such deviancy as reclassified jobs. Remember 'domestic care officer'? That's simply bureaucrat-speak for someone who does housework and personal care such as helping with showers and meals. So be on the lookout for something like 'Personal Relaxation Officers' - formerly known as prostitutes.

Whatever the visa is that allows people to live and work in Australia, be it 457, student visa, or the working holiday visa that currently soaks up 90,000 jobs, they all come under the one major heading: SCAMS. They are simply different schemes to pack more and more people into the country that an already unprecedentedly bloated immigration scheme simply can't cope with. Get used to it; you are being globalised.

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