Friday, April 5, 2019


Senator Fraser Anning
Prime Minister Morrison,
You are threatening to censure me in the Australian Parliament for statements I made following the mass murder of New Zealand Muslims on Friday the 15th of March. Labor leader Bill Shorten agrees with your intentions.
You accuse me of blaming the victims in my initial response to the atrocity. This, despite the fact that my statement unequivocally condemned this heinous act of murderous violence.
One of the victims of this rampage was a toddler. All were innocent. The perpetrator is a monster and no sane person would think otherwise.
There are no mitigating factors which could in any way excuse this evil act. The person responsible needs to feel the full force of the law.
After putting the immediate blame where it belongs, I looked for contributing causes. I said: “The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program that allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand”.
I was referring, obviously, to terrorists and the backlash they potentially incite. Nowhere in that statement did I imply that any of the victims were fanatics. They were hapless victims.
My brief comment was not an academic treatise seeking to identify all the causes. Instead I zeroed in on the New Zealand government’s indiscriminate immigration policies, which are very much in line with your own.
The censure motion is an attempt to deflect attention from your reckless policies, which are causing run-away diversity – a well-documented risk factor for communal conflict. Shame on you.
Your exploitation of the killing has helped open the door to the far left. Now, innocent conservatives and even the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation are being accused of guilt for mass murder on the flimsy basis that the killer’s manifesto opposed Islamic immigration to Europe.
This guilt by association has the same level of honesty as your own accusation against me. As Douglas Murray states, “Beliefs held by millions [are] not rendered invalid by [the] actions of a maniac.”
What distinguished the killer from others concerned about Islamic immigration is that he abandoned politics and took up terrorism. To blame conservatives for Christchurch, as is now happening, is as irrational as blaming democratic socialists for Communist mass murder.
It is completely appropriate to consider contributing causes. This mass murder is clearly a form of inter-ethnic, inter-religious and inter-cultural violence.
It is a matter of fact that in recent times, these kinds of deadly attacks have proliferated in Western countries. Initially, these attacks were mostly committed by Muslims but more recently, have been committed against them.
It is a matter of causation, not moral blame, that until recently we were largely immune to this problem because until the 1970s Western populations were, for the most part, ethnically, culturally and religiously homogenous.
I believe that these changes were initiated by governments, not requested by the people, who generally wished to retain their way of life, as did others around the world.
The Japanese people have no wish to bring in millions of Vietnamese and grant them citizenship. The Chinese don’t want to be swamped with Indians.
No people wish for this. We didn’t vote for it and we weren’t asked. Yet every Prime Minister since Whitlam has embraced the policy of indiscriminate immigration. The only choice has been in how quickly we would become a minority.
“We the people,” were given no democratic option to oppose this madness. Every major party supported it.
For example, you recently critisised Bill Shorten’s refugee policy. You said it was reckless as it would double the number of refugees at a cost of six billion dollars every year.
You implied that your own policy was somehow responsible because you would import only half that number at a cost of three billion dollars per year.
Are Australians supposed to thank you for driving us over the fiscal cliff at half the speed?
As Prime Minister, you must accept the greatest share of the blame. Sadly, you are not alone. Every other mainstream political party subscribes to the ridiculous trope that diversity is a strength. It is not, and the people know it.
You have pursued these policies against the will of the people. Along with the deep state, you have viciously attacked anyone who opposed this madness.
People have been destroyed by accusations of racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, white supremacy and an ever-growing number of slurs.
In order to lock-in permanent mass immigration, you multicultural elitists have annihilated the bedrock principle of Free Speech from our society.
This is the foundational principle on which our system of democracy is built.
This deliberate subversion of democratic rights has been ruthlessly efficient in silencing legitimate criticism.
The dogma of multiculturalism has been imposed under cover of threats and intimidation. Had people not been bullied into silence by political correctness and the threat of Government sanction, they would have figured out the truth much earlier.
The fact is, that multiculturalism is simply minority tribalism turbocharged by the Left.
This is part of a wider trend for Western governments to import the “Clash of Civilisations” into once peaceful societies. If this continues the result will be the dissolution of the nation state.
Your policy of multiculturalism encourages all minorities to remain culturally separate. It encourages them to remain loyal to their tribal, religious, ethnic or cultural identities instead of to the Australian nation.
Unless of course it is white Australians who express loyalty to their group, in which case it is referred to the so-called Human Rights Commission under the hated Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act.
Thus, you espouse tribalism from one side of your mouth while decrying it from the other.
The problem is, that minority groups vote for their own interests.
Politicians know this from experience. You are constantly pandering to them. The level of largesse which you offer, is in direct proportion to the numbers of each group in marginal electorates or donations to party coffers.
The key demand of these minority groups is always the same. More migrants from their own “tribe” to bolster the power of their own voting bloc.
Mr. Morrison, you enable this minority supremacism, as did your predecessors. You promote it. And you profit from it. This tribalism is not shared by the majority, who do not yet understand the need to vote for their own ethnic interests.
They are told to think of themselves as individuals, not as parts of a cohesive nation. Unless the majority realise the benefits of voting for their ethnic group interests – democracy will be finished. In its place we will have intractable sectarianism and Australia will be just another failed state.
The horror in New Zealand is so newsworthy because it is not yet a failed state. In the three weeks before the shooting in Christchurch, 120 Christians in Nigeria were shot or hacked to death by Muslims.
This tragedy was not reported in a single Australian news outlet that I am aware of. In January, much closer to home in the Philippines, a cathedral was bombed by Muslims and twenty innocents were killed.
Why did you and your Government not issue statements denouncing the killers? Perhaps because murderous attacks are so common in these countries.
Since September 2001, there have been more than 34,000 terrorist attacks conducted in the name of Islam. This is a staggering number. Most have been committed in countries with large Islamic populations.
As you and your predecessors have increased the Muslim population in our country, we have suffered a growing series of attacks on our soil.
Fortunately, our security forces have thwarted most of them. The Islamic community is expanding rapidly, however. Soon we will not have the resources to control the situation.
The likelihood of a backlash from other groups increases with every attack. As our society splits along racial, religious and ethnic lines, the possibility of escalating conflict increases.
Australia is not the world’s most successful multicultural society. We were once united and peaceful with a secure national identity.
Our children had bright futures. Now cohesion and trust are falling. The data shows it. There is no net benefit to traditional Australians from your multicultural dogma.
Your policies will lead to white Australians – the heart of our nation – becoming a minority within a few decades. Your own figures confirm this.
You, Mr. Morrison, are part of the problem. How dare you judge me. How dare you hold your head up in the light.
You and your cabinet have no real analysis of the national question. Instead you offer vacuous slogans fed to you by equally vacuous senior public servants – “diversity”, “vibrancy”, “inclusion”, “religion of peace”.
You have no vision for Australia situated in our region. No analysis of how to manage diversity and identity in a sustainable, peaceful way. All we get is politics; saying anything to stay in power.
This lack of principle and positive direction indicates that you and your Labor clones are puppets of powerful vested interests. These interests give a damn only for profits, not diversity, identity or belonging.
The present election campaign in New South Wales offers a horrible example of multicultural politics at work. In September of last year, the Labor leader, Michael Daley, gave a speech to a predominantly Anglo audience in the Blue Mountains.
This is the tragedy of your beloved diversity, that it weaponises positive human bonds. It turns good people against one another.
Your immigration policies have turned Australia into a squabbling Tower of Babel. Those policies really should be criminalised. They should be made unconstitutional.
The Australian nation is dying in the big cities. Congested, progressively foreign, replaced, colonised, self-segregated, hurt by falling trust and loss of belonging. Why are you doing this to us? Where is your soul? Where is your decency?
Stop thinking about your parliamentary pension and media reputation and start thinking about your people, our people. Isn’t it obvious that the nation is in crisis? Why can you not stand tall and actually lead our people?
Our children and grandchildren will curse you if you are remembered at all. You have no right to transform their society without the people’s permission. You have no right to inflict this legacy on them, to become a minority in their own country.
Let me be doubly clear that I condemn you and Mr. Shorten in the strongest terms imaginable – as traitors to truth and traitors to social cohesion.
You have even turned your back on your Christian faith and values. Multiculturalism means “fewer Christians.” Is that really your intention?
Without mass immigration and multiculturalism, neither the Islamic attacks in Australia or this appalling reaction to them would have occurred.
Without your reckless policies, the Australian people would still be living in a peaceful, stable and secure nation state as the Japanese do today.
The New Zealand government is using this hideous attack to further its cynical agenda. Instead of offering their people a vote on ruinous immigration policies, they are further strangling free speech and suppressing opposition.
Censorship of the media was hardly mentioned after terror attacks on Australian soil. Now however, after an attack by an opponent of multiculturalism, The State is demanding censorship of the internet.
Any website which does not embrace your extreme multicultural agenda is coming under scrutiny.
This foreshadows darkness and tyranny which were once unimaginable to Australians. You and your cohorts are driving us there at full speed.
Australia is on the path to a police state, fomented and legitimised by multiculturalist ideology.
Again, Mr Morrison, your government leads the charge, by allowing people to be persecuted under ill-defined accusations of hate speech, when most just hate oppression.
I implore all politicians to step back and think again about what you are doing to this nation.
Do not oppress us in a knee-jerk reaction to this tragedy born of fanaticism.
Any response must be measured and sane. It must not be at the price of this nation’s cohesion and unity.
Free Speech is always the first target of ham-fisted tyranny. The Christchurch killer’s intent was to topple our traditions by his evil scheme. Do not become pawns in his game.
Australia once trusted its citizens to discuss the most extreme ideas peacefully. We have a long history of rejecting radical ideas.
It is clear that our elites cannot be trusted with controlling our borders. I don’t just mean the few thousand illegals coming in boats but the millions coming legally by jet.
We as a nation need to take a breather. We need time to assimilate those already here. We need a plebiscite on immigration!
We the people, not you the elites, have a right to decide who comes here.
Fraser Anning

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Feisty red-head, bumbling and inarticulate (and perhaps; let's face it, not the sharpest tool in the shed) but with her heart in the right place, Australian politician, Pauline Hanson, the founder of One Nation and the living target the Left most loves to spew its hate and bile at, has completely jumped the fence this time. She's been musing about the Port Arthur massacre of 1996 being perhaps a government conspiracy. In Australia, this is akin to an American suggesting that 911 was a (deep state) government conspiracy, which of course, as even someone with moronic-level IQ of Martin Bryant, the supposed gunman who with superhuman skill dispatched the thirty-five Port Arthur victims, should be able to see; just let him view video of  the World Trade Centre's Building 7 - that's the one that wasn't hit by so much as a child's paper glider - collapsing in exactly the same fashion as buildings do when brought down by controlled demolition.

Of course Port Arthur was a bloody conspiracy! And it involved at least some level of one or more governments, likely with overseas support. Anyone who, apparently as Pauline has done, takes a little time to browse the available literature pointing out the nonsense inherent in the official story will inevitably arrive at the same conclusion.

The media's predictable reaction, representing all "right thinking" Australians though is instructive in illustrating the almost parallel universes coming into being. The globalist elite with the millions of sheep it has corralled exists in one; in the other exists that proportion of the world's population slowly but surely awakening to the monumental scam being pulled - the one with the objective of converting the entire world's population into unthinking slaves with their world being nothing but an artificially constructed reality.

The Matrix indeed, or at least the first part of the film before it descended into the typical Hollywood version of entertainment, which nevertheless presented us with the priceless red pill/blue pill analogy which has found its established place in the English language, or at least in the language of those of us who are a wake-up to what is really going on. The pejorative "Conspiracy theory" has also found its place in the language, but mainly in the language of those who try, against all odds, to maintain that there are no such things as conspiracies. Right! And there are no such things as buildings the magically collapse for no reason or moronic gunmen who perform feats that only a few in the world - highly trained, psychologically conditioned special forces types - could accomplish.

For your red pill on the Port Arthur massacre simply enter "Martin Bryant" into the search facility in top right-hand corner of this blog.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Shockwaves from the slaughter in Christchurch of fifty Muslims (at time of writing) by Australian loner, Brenton Tarrant, are still reverberating throughout the world. The small country of New Zealand where not a lot happens except Rugby Union and earthquakes has been shaken by an earthquake of a different kind. Why New Zealand? Why Christchurch? People are still asking themselves. Tarrant himself answered this question in his "manifesto" emailed to various recipients including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern just before the attack; it was to show that absolutely nowhere is beyond terror, nowhere is safe.

That Tarrant was a deluded fool who has not only not furthered white interests but significantly damaged them is highlighted in his seventeen-minute live-streamed video when he refers to the carnage he has just inflicted at the Al Noor mosque as a "fire-fight" - an odd description of the wholesale slaughter of unarmed victims by a man armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. When he's offered the opportunity for a real fight, he apparently declines; how else to explain his being taken by a mere two uniformed coppers armed only with handguns versus his arsenal of military-style weapons? He evidently was not willing to die himself, so lack of ticker could possibly be added to the glaring fault of delusions of grandeur. In his manifesto, regarding who was going to solve the problem of mass Muslim immigration into Western countries, he asks, if not him, then who?

An explosion of murder - somewhere in the world - was, unfortunately as predictable as it is tragic. It is the result of stifling and delegitimizing any disagreement with a unilateral world-view. The old left/right political paradigm is well past its use-by date. Now the two antithetical world views are globalists and nationalists and, at this stage, respectively, winners and losers and, as Springsteen sings, "don't get caught on the wrong side", as millions of "right-thinking" people fear. And why wouldn't the globalists be winning? After all, it's a fairly formidable line-up: all Western governments, all major corporations, all news media, the entertainment industry, the education industry and all the brain-washed dupes who prefer to have their thinking done for them.

This A team has deliberately forced the discourse, if there is such a thing, into cross purposes. It willfully misrepresents nationalists as "white supremacists", "xenophobes", "bigots" and "evil racists" completely ignoring what nationalists fear and loath, that is, the replacement of white populations around the world with third-worlders leading inexorably and eradication of white people. (It's even a stretch to be calling Tarrant a white supremacist after he openly admits his admiration for Pakistanis in their natural setting. It's only their presence in Western countries he finds abhorrent.)  What is so outlandish about that claim. What else can result from the flooding of formerly all-white countries with fast-breeding none whites - as opposed to the below replacement white birth rate caused by the leftist (globalist) out-branch of feminism - and the relentless promotion of miscegenation?

Who could really blame Tarrant, not for what he saw as a solution, but the conclusion he reached. Rest assured, the number of people reaching the same conclusion is growing daily thanks to their being able to discover truth, as Tarrant correctly observed, on the only place possible - the internet. So why should it be so shocking, so surprising even, that a loser with a few screws missing has cut loose? Even now, there must be many who have correctly recognised that their fears and longings will never be taken account of in our supposedly democratic system. Robbing entire segments of population of freedom of speech, supposedly one of the central tenets of democracy, can only lead to one conclusion and that, of course, is that the only avenue left open is one of direct action - of some kind.

Even before Christchurch, the screws were being tightened with internet giants such as Amazon, for example, refusing to sell books thought to be promoting "white supremacism" (again, read, white nationalism), and Google and Facebook - after a quiet, but not so quiet as to be not overheard, tete a tete between frumpy Frau Merkel and Jew, Mark Zuckerberg - were deplatforming "hate-speech" (expressions of white nationalism). Now, however, a power drill will be taken to the tightening of the screws, driving white nationalism even further underground where pressure can only build. The NZ government, for instance, although admittedly still off balance, dazed and confused, is threatening to punish people with ten-year sentences for merely saving the video live-streamed by the shooter to their hard-drives.

In Australia which is collectively cringing because Tarrant is a natural born Australian citizen, politicians are competing to show who is the most hairy-chested when it comes to putting pressure on social media eliminate postings by "white supremacists", the definition of which is slowly but surely being expanded to include anyone critical of multiculturalism and mass third world invasion. In other words, the soft tyranny masquerading as democracy is transforming into a harder version.

If any confirmation was needed of the antics of the media, the way the massacre was covered was surely it. Balance in journalism, although probably largely absent since the time news first started being reported, was shown to be a hopelessly idealistic notion. Even mild-mannered conservatives began being blamed as instigators of what had occurred, while of course anyone who'd ever criticised mass immigration was labeled as a neo-nazi only one bullet away from mass murder. Some would be no doubt be wishing that the science fiction concept of pre-crime enforcement was instead science fact - better to lock up all suspected of harbouring deadly fantasies before they could be acted upon.

Anyone watching television was being encouraged to cry along with the good folk of New Zealand in tear-stained, hand wringing soul-searching. "Inclusivity" is being turbo-charged to the point of absurdity with even the Christchurch Crusaders hinting at a name change to ingratiate New Zealanders still further with their Muslims who in all likelihood still secretly hate their guts
"We are all Muslims now", some fool claimed, plagiarising with variation from the slogan of Je suis Charlie that was launched after the Charlie Hebdo mass murder in Paris in 2015 - by Muslims.

And speaking of the elephant-like presence in the room of murders of non-Muslims. this brings us to another important point because it seems that as well as balance being fed into the shredder, perspective has gone right along with it. Yes, the murder of fifty innocents is terrible but how does it look when compared with the body-count of "infidels" notched up by Muslims and invariable down-played and excused by globalist Islamophiles? This year alone, and it's only March, the total of non-Muslims destroyed by adherents to the religion of peace stands at 2,089 from 374 attacks in 32countries. (  This clearly puts us on track to either equal or surpass 2017's total of 84,000 killed around the world by Islamist groups. (Figure kindly provided by Miranda Devine of the [Sydney] Daily Telegraph citing the Global Extremism Monitor.)

However, one could be forgiven for concluding that what happened in Christchurch was the first of its particular kind. This though would be a mistake. In February 1994, Doctor Baruch Goldstein, marched into a mosque in Hebron and offed 29 peaceful worshippers with gunfire. The crucial difference though between Christchurch and Hebron was in the aftermath. Whereas conditioned Westerners are reacting to last Friday's atrocity with shock, disbelief, sadness and sympathy, "[f]or many far-right Israeli Jews and especially the settler movement Goldstein was a martyr to the cause of religious Zionism.  His grave in a ceremonial plaza overlooking the Palestinian town became a place of pilgrimage and celebration ... " (

And speaking of our Jewish overlords, there is an odd omission from Tarrant's long, rambling manifesto. Although he appears to be au fait with most of the grievances shared throughout the alt-right: the Great Replacement, white genocide, the new world order and world government waiting in the wings, only once does he mention the Jews who openly boast of their being the masterminds behind the multiculturalism so destructive to Western civilization. He seems completely clueless though about the devastation wrought by Jews on non-Jews throughout history in their never-ending war against the rest of humanity. Tarrant claims he is no anti-Semite. He simply lumps Jews in with Muslims in that  "[a] jew living in Israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.” Just how red-pilled is Tarrant? One suspects the pill he popped was several shades less red than the blood he spilled.

Monday, March 11, 2019

FULL BOTTLE ASIANISATION: What you, and especially your children, need to know


As the Asianisation of Australia accelerates as per Lib/Lab plans - the long-standing bipartisan agreement destroying totally the illusion of Australian democracy, revealing in its place the reality of soft tyranny - a rich assortment of nasties is something you will have to get used to.

Firstly though, although you more than likely never thought of yourselves as being anything other than Australian - being designated Anglo-Australian was the original tip-off to this -  you will need to swallow the bitterest of all pills: you, as simply the member of one ethnic group amongst a multitude of ethnic groups, will have no right to complain about the behaviour of people who in no way share your cultural values. Doing so may well see you being hauled before a Human Rights Commission and then - who knows? A "re-education camp" may be your next port of call. That's because, of course, your complaining would have been construed as racial vilification, or worse; you may have been deemed to have been harbouring the outlawed emotion of "hate"

As with everything else to do with mass immigration and multiculturalism, it's a numbers game. Numbers dictate demographic reality. For example, when multiculturalism was first being foisted upon the Australian people, the relatively low numbers of people radically different from those of the host population allowed the perpetrators of this insidious but monumental crime to get away with fooling the public into believing this slight change  would in no way affect the racial make-up of the nation - it was just a touch of spice being added to a somewhat boring stew. (Mmm mmm, all those exciting, exotic foreign restaurants popping up like mushrooms. Who could be against that?)

It was only after the numbers increased exponentially that thinking Australians became disturbed at what was happening to their country. But naturally, by then, a fait accompli had been achieved and our traitorous elite could afford to be a little more honest about what they had planned for us. Besides, anyone who objected was as far beyond the pale as paedophiles and rapists - they were "racists".

As the numbers of aliens continued to increase, so did the numbers of concerned Australians. When whole swathes of our land had begun to resemble foreign countries, the numbers game had changed radically. A point called critical mass had been achieved. Now, instead of immigrants being expected to change to adapt to their new country, as was expected in earlier immigration models, members of the host population were expected to change in order to adapt to the ways of immigrants.

The Muslim addition to our population provides another example of how growing numbers affect attitudes, emboldening those whose numbers are increasing. In the early days of Muslim immigration to Australia - the crackpot idea of former Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser in welcoming all and sundry from the war-torn and failed state of Lebanon - it seemed we had been blessed by the presence of the friendly, type of moderate Muslims our idiot leftists swoon over: the type who just want to fit in, get on with their lives and become good Australians. With numbers being small, this was an eminently sensible position reinforced by fear of consequences should they be perceived as being anything other than that.

Naturally though, as numbers grew, Australian Muslims began showing their true colours, the predominant one being blood red as jihadists cut loose, mowed us down in the streets, and shot and stabbed us, proclaiming all the while it was being done in the name of Allah.

So, it can be seen that numbers have an effect on reality and our reality will continue to change because of growing numbers of people not like us and have no desire to be like us. This has been shown most graphically in the south-west USA  which has fallen to the reconquista of people from south of the border who have renamed the area "Aztlan". The epitome of poor losers, these invaders still refuse to accept the result of the 1846-48 Mexican-American war and are taking back by stealth all that was lost by their ancestors. So how does Aztlan look?  Does it look like any other part of traditional America but perhaps with a surfeit of Taco joints? On the contrary, where the Mexicans have settled resemble more the barrios they left behind south of the Rio Grande. This is the result of a simple but iron law of nature:  people create a culture and not vice versa as our rulers apparently think we are stupid enough to believe, that is, that if you would but allow any sub-species of Homo Sapien, be they Hottentot, desert-dwelling Bedouins or Pygmies from the island of Flores, the opportunity to breath the bracing air of Australia and tread its dry earth will instantly and miraculously transform into dinky-di, true blue Aussies.

How will this principle play out in the Australian setting? Exactly the way it already is except that these are comparatively early days. Suburbs written on in Chinese characters, for example, are nothing to what is to follow.

Fortunately, your intrepid correspondent who has just returned from the most recent of many tours throughout the Third World to our north in a refresher course of what it will really mean when Asians R Us, is here to help with advice on the metamorphosis that is to come and what to expect. Firstly,

TRAFFIC  A recent headline in the (Sydney) Daily Telegraph moaned, "Choked roads sicken city DRIVING US CRAZY". When compared with what is to come, this is laughable. Indeed, in a future not so distant, we'll be looking back on the roads supposedly injuring our mental health as though they were country lanes along which we motored with nary a care in the world. Readers who have spent time on the truly choked and choking (by pollution) roads of Manila or Bangkok will know what I mean. This is inevitably where we are headed unless trends change, which they won't - not if the all powerful Big Australia crowd have anything to do with it, and they will. In Manila, for example, everything possible has been done to tame the monster of city-killing traffic, from ever more freeways to odds and even days; this is when only cars with number plates ending in even numbers are allowed on the roads on a particular day, and conversely the next. The traffic authorities of Manila are presently considering a scheme in which only residents who can prove ownership of a garage or access to off-street parking will be allowed car ownership. This naturally will be a pin-prick on an elephant, the name of which is Overpopulation.

As traffic grows to this point, it becomes more and more chaotic and anarchic where rules boil down to the basic principle of might being right, or whose nerve is the first to crack. Speeding though will not be a problem.

PEDESTRIAN SAFETY of which there will be little. This problem is, of course, a spin-off of the former. As motorists are driven ever crazier and more frustrated by the notion that their ownership of automobiles affords them little of mobility, pedestrians become little more than a nuisance - just an extra source of frustration. The contempt with which they are treated in all of Third World Asia could only be made possible by their being seen as less than human. Pedestrian crossings offer no refuge. One can only wonder at why paint is wasted on their being marked out. If daring to use them as their reason for being indicates, the false feeling of security could prove fatal. At best, you will be aggressively beeped at to get out of the way - the beeper having no intention of changing course. At worst, you will be run down.

As unbelievable as it may seem, received wisdom in Cambodia has it that if you are knocked down on the road, you use your remaining strength and ability to get to safety. This is because the vehicle that hit you may be backed up to finish you off. And this is because the death of a  pedestrian is easier to smooth over by way of greased palms than one who is merely injured but perhaps with years of medical bills to compensate for.

FOOTPATHS which are barely navigable. This is linked to the first two problems. Most footpaths in the cities of Asia are thin at best. But because they are seen to be wasted on despised pedestrians, they are invariably used for what are seen to be much more useful purposes, such as setting up food and trinket stalls or parking spaces for bikes, cars, and trucks. This extracurricular use naturally enough places great strain on what, after all, are usually constructed of inferior concrete. They, therefore, become quickly broken and smashed and dangerous in the dark. It seems never to occur to those within whose purview this may be to rectify the problem. In other words, once footpaths are grievously damaged, that is how they stay.

As much as a pedestrian would like to keep to a footpath, this preference is doomed to disappointment. Time and time again, he will be forced out onto the road where car-horns will blast him and vehicles will pass close enough to remind him that he is nothing more than a nuisance, and less than human at that.

ANIMALS  For some unfathomable reason, Asians, or to be fair, the great majority of Asians, are apparently unable to view animals as sentient beings. Rather, they are seen as some kind of automaton that needs to be fed in order to keep it functioning. Oh, and they shit as well, which also differentiates them from warm-blooded machines.  Like humans, they also need water which is something that is evidently often overlooked. When enquiring about what happened to someone's "pet" dog, the answer may well be that it died of dehydration - a no-fault way of saying it was allowed to die of thirst in what is usually an infernally hot environment. Cruelty to animals is the norm. For instance, if a concerned Caucasian were to intervene in the beating of a dog or emaciated pony, the reaction of the Asian perpetrator would likely be one of puzzlement. After all, it is only an animal that is being beaten. In some parts of Asia, it is not uncommon to see dogs in form-fitting cages outside commercial establishments. And those establishments are not pet-shops if you catch my drift.

Many people would be surprised to learn that bull-fighting is popular in Thailand. The way the spectacle there is conducted though differs somewhat from the Latin form. In Thailand, it's only bulls that fight - one bull against another and cheered on by human spectators safely ensconced behind a barricade. Also in Thailand, as well as other parts of Asia, cock-fighting is riotously popular. This is, of course, when two birds with natural fighting inclinations are fitted with razor-sharp spurs and allowed to go at one another. A "nicety" of the "sport" is that when a bird is defeated, a basket is placed over the fighters so that the spectators are spared the grisly sight of the victor finishing off the vanquished. This can be a big money activity and owners of champion birds will think nothing of transporting them all over the country. It, in fact, is not unusual for passengers in planes to hear the distressed crowing of roosters from the cargo hold while in flight.

 Already in Australia, some prosecutions have been made against the staging of cock-fights. However, on learning the barbarity is not quite to the liking of real Australians, the crime has no doubt gone underground, so no way exists of knowing exactly how widespread it is. One thing for sure is that it will increase in direct proportion to booming Asianisaton.

PERSONAL SPACE This is something you will have to get used to having less of. What is traditionally personal space to Australians is wasted room to Asians. Feeling as though no space exists between you and the person on the seat next to you on a train? Think again. Eventually, someone will see space there and take a seat, giving a new meaning to the term, wriggle-room. Feel uncomfortable while waiting for service at MacDonalds and someone steps in front of you with the back of his head right in your face? Get used to it or get into a scuffle. Getting into a scuffle is probably the best alternative. After all, why go gentle into that good night?

OVERCROWDING which, naturally enough is closely related to loss of personal space but on a grander scale. It would be difficult not to notice the exponential growth of towering apartment blocks in multiple suburbs of Australia's major cities as they expand vertically as well as horizontally. Our new arrivals take to these monstrous ants' nests with perfect ease because they are perfectly used to them in places such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing. They probably wonder why this liking for close and personal living isn't quite shared by the round-eyes. These losers will still be nostalgically remembering the once sacred but long disappeared tradition of the quarter-acre block - you know, back-yards for kids to play in and with room for a shed which was a kind of sanctuary in which a bloke could do blokey things. Sheds of the remaining stand-alone homes of the future will probably be converted to sub-let domiciles.

COMBINATION OF OVERCROWDING AND INADEQUATE INFRASTRUCTURE  Manila, the capital of a country in which rain falls every day for around half the year is currently experiencing a severe water shortage. Even when dams are full, one risks contracting diseases such as typhoid from drinking the water. This is because difficulty prevails in keeping the water supply free of raw sewage. Need more be said?

AESTHETICS? WHAT ARE THEY?  Any First Worlder who has travelled through the man-made portions of Third World Asia would have been struck by the sheer ugliness of it. OK, we are talking about lands where debilitating poverty prevails, but is that an explanation to a seeming obliviousness to what is beautiful? It is not as though Asians are incapable of including beauty in the things the surroundings they create. The exquisite beauty of the thousand-year-old teak temples of Burma and Laos attest to that. But it seems only what's sacred deserves to be beautiful and nothing else matters. As long as a building, for example, is utilitarian, that's enough. It doesn't really matter what it looks like. Is it pleasing to the eye? No. So what?

Grotesque jumbles of electrical wiring crowd the tops of power poles. They still deliver electricity (most of the time), don't they? So, what's the problem? Ugliness is something millions of Asians are happy to live with. In fact, individual Asians are not above contributing to it. Take comparatively rich Singapore, for instance, where horizontal forests of poles stick out of apartment windows decked with drying washing.

So much for highly populated urban areas. However, not even the beauty of nature has been able to escape this wanton desecration. The area on the northern tip of the island of Palawan in the Philippines named by the Spanish conquerors El Nido (the nest) is a horrible example of which I speak. The "nest" was an apt designation. It nestles in a semi-circle carved out of mountains by mother nature at her most artistic. An azure sea laps at the beach which it fronts. What has been done to this area though would cause a Nimbin Hippy uncontrollable tears.  That's because rampant greed has fuelled a competition between developers racing to throw up ramshackle hotels and bars that crowd as close as possible to the beach. Imagine, if you will, Noosa Heads in Queensland with a huge squatter camp dumped in its midst. An analogy would be to take a beauty queen and throw acid in her face. As white genocide advances apace in the great south land, an eye for beauty will be an early casualty.

THE EROSION OF MANNERS crucially important as the lubrication of society. Remember, those cultural norms and values you once thought so important will not be allowed to be clung to if seen to be making waves in a multicultural society. Haven't you noticed for example that feminists who can become enraged by a "male-gaze" from someone not considered attractive seem not to notice the oppression of Muslim women, not to mention female genital mutilation? That's because already multiculturalism trumps even the might of white feminism. So, it would seem rather petty to be concerned about such things as the disappearance of manners if it is all to the good of smoothly running multiculturalism. Someone bumps you in the street and offers no apology? Get used to it. Someone ignores the queue and goes straight to the ticket window ahead of all those who have been waiting patiently? Get used to it. A crowd of people charges onto a train without first allowing existing passengers to disembark? Get used to it.

All this is the true meaning of Asianisation. You can't say you haven't been warned.

Monday, January 28, 2019


Thank Christ for that! It's over and we won't be seeing it again for another year. I'm speaking of Multicultural Day, otherwise known as Australia Day. (For non-Australians, this is ostensibly, and once actually was, the commemoration of the planting of the English flag on the shores of what would become Sydney on January 26, 1778 by Captain Arthur Phillip.) Amongst other things, it's a popular day for the naturalisation ceremonies for blow-ins from all over the world. One more round please of the diarrhoea inducing dirge,  "we are one, but we are many and from all the lands on Earth we come". Bullshit! Most of us were born here, as were our immediate ancestors.

 However, the number one pastime on this day is wailing, whining and bitching from the Australian "invasion" brigade. Our ancestors didn't bring civilization to a savage land. OH NO, not by a long shot. On the contrary, they brought brutality, disease and the shattering of a sublimely peaceful Shangri-la - almost a perfect example of a loving brotherhood of man.  If only we hadn't come. The dreaming and total lack of any kind of progress could have lasted for another 60,000 years, NOT.

Obviously, this will go on ad infinitum. It will be the same every Multicultural Day - forever. You can bend over till your spin snaps; or bend the other way, assuming the position until your arse bleeds, it will never be enough. You can pay out billions every year, which taxpayers in fact do. Every public meeting can be presaged by the welcome-to-county nonsense; it will do no good. Films can be made like the recent disgusting Sweet Country, showing whites as hate-filled, psychotic brutes and Aborigines as tortured angels; it will only make matters worse. Even the recent sickening spectacle of our Prime Minister, bare-footed, face-marked and with his trousers rolled up doing some kind of chicken dance with near naked but suspiciously white Aborigines won't cut any slack for us. (Can you imagine Trump doing this?) The reason nothing will change is that, once victimhood has been achieved, it is far too valuable to relinquish. It can be cashed in for any number of goodies. This goes for Aborigines, women, homosexuals, transvestites and anybody else "oppressed" by the evil white man.

The cheer squad for all this rubbish comprises our left/liberal,greens. Do these idiots really believe that if the British hadn't come here when they did, no one else would have decided to come and take peek at the great, fabled southland? Are they so lacking in intelligence that the words "historical inevitability" mean absolutely nothing to them? OK then, I'll break it down into the most simple of terms. If the British who, in terms of colonialists, were probably the best of a bad bunch, hadn't claimed Australia, one of the other European powers at a  similar level of technological advancement would have. It could have been the Dutch who were less than amicably seen out of Indonesia. Or it may have been the Spaniards. Ask any South or Central American how well that worked out for them.

No Asian power was capable of colonising Australia and neither was any particular part of Asia interested. The original inhabitants - neglecting for argument's sake the large body of evidence supporting the view they weren't, in fact, the first inhabitants but rather the destroyers of an earlier race - really caught a break there given that the level of racism in Asia back then was even more prevalent than it is today. And that's saying something. Here, for example, is how the Chinese term of endearment for blacks translates roughly into English: "black devils".

 How about the term, "use it or lose it"?  Because of the population remaining stagnant at around 300,000 for tens of thousands of years because of rampant infanticide, the continent was far from being used. Feel free to provide the second part of the equation yourself.

But how the boobs fall for it! On this chest-puffing day, they are encouraged to let off a little, harmless patriotism. (Far better that than they start getting any fancy ideas about real but proscribed nationalism. So it's "oi oi oi, Aussie Aussie Aussie". (Again for non-Australians, this is our version of the equally moronic "USA, USA".) So let's throw some more snags (sausages) on the barbie (barbecue) and sink some more piss (beer). It doesn't matter really how pissed they get, because even sober they don't have much of an idea. How could they possibly care, or even know for that matter, that while they are wallowing in beer and chemically laden sausages and teary, sentimental patriotism, their country is being stealthily pulled right out from under them? Who will be the eventual owners is really a toss-up and still difficult to predict. However, a strong favourite is China. Why, only today it was reported that the Chinese government is paying for advertisments to be run in our cinemas proclaiming the virtues of the Chinese version of totalitarianism; it's called "socialism with Chinese characteristics" and is really just the latest installment of China's "soft power" over Australia which is already well underway with the tsunami of brainwashed Chinese students controlled by the Chinese embassy crashing on to our shores as a ready made fifth element.

On the other hand, and this is symptomatic of the worldwide growing cleft between China and globalism - it remaining still difficult to predict how the globalists will be able to corral China within their fold - it could be that Australia will become, or rather become more, simply a geographical area peopled by a multicultural zoo, the descendants of the people who created Australia just a despised rump, otherwise completely deracinated, suffering induced historical amnesia, and an the country itself an excellent locality to be plundered by rapacious global corporations - in the words of crucified Professor Geoffrey Blainey, "a piece of good luck to be shared with the rest of the world".

But hey, who wants to give himself a headache thinking about all that shit? No worries mate. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Here's something to cause liberal/leftists to get either hard or wet: the Daily Telegraph of January 19 gleefully reported that "[i]n just over 10 years more Sydneysiders will be speaking a foreign language at home than those speaking English". And here's a surprise: "... in the five years from the previous census to the latest one, the number-one language spoken (apart from English) changed to Mandarin from Arabic which is now number two". Well, it would be a surprise if you weren't aware that Australia is fated to become a Chinese colony, with more and more Chinese flooding in every day under a variety of schemes and visas obviously designed to confuse those not paying strict attention.

The overseas student visa, for example, is a red-hot number. Getting one of these and studying courses in which generous leeway is allowed for students whose English is a little sub-standard (or even non-existent) because of our education industry's addiction to overseas money, gains the student a pole position when deciding to apply for residency and, ultimately, citizenship. And that often translates into yet another member of the Chinese fifth column currently going gang-busters in this hopelessly naive country.

The prospect of English becoming a minority language in this city (which of course is a euphemism for Whites becoming a minority) so thrills the staff of the Telegraph that part of the editorial of the same date weighs in with this: "... few cities on Earth are more diverse than Sydney. At the same time fewer cities on Earth are as cohesive, safe, welcoming and socially secure [whatever that means] as Sydney". (Italics mine). Obviously, Telegraph people need to get out more, and perhaps initiate conversations with the victims of multiculturalism: the native Whites of Sydney. They would soon realise exactly how cohesive and welcoming Australians are these days.

Or perhaps the scribblers peering through their rose-coloured lenses should stop for a moment to muse on the need for a Human Rights Tribunal ever ready to pounce on those alleged to be mean to people of colour (it, of course, is a one-way street and the HRT would never rouse itself if a mere White was being vilified) or the beefing up of the Racial Discrimination Act with section 18C. Possibly, they may spare a minute to ponder the fact that the term, "racist" hurled about so freely now, whenever a multiculturalist is in danger of losing an argument to a nationalist, was unheard of fifty years ago. It was then only a term used by Communists from whom today's Cultural-Marxists learnt it. It was also back then that Australia was a truly cohesive society, so cohesive that no one ever thought of applying the term to Australia sociologically. Maybe, just maybe, this heavy-handedness is essential for keeping society in Sydney and the rest of Australia "cohesive". Oddly, when Australia was monocultural, that is, a nation in the true sense, a Racial Discrimination Act was not needed, nor a Human Rights Commission soaking up twenty-five million dollars of tax-payers money every year. Why was that?

Maybe, if Telegraph reporters actually got out and around to speak with members of the working class, to whom their rag is aimed, with its never-ending childish puns apparently thought of as being enjoyed by those they so vastly underestimate, they may find that things are not quite as rosy as they imagine in this great city. They may even come to appreciate the explosive nature of the resentment bubbling under a very a thin crust.

Exactly why would those being racially replaced, and, moreover,  waking up to the fact, still be "welcoming". Just how stupid does the Telegraph imagine Australians to be? How does it imagine, for instance, that Australians are so wallowing in the joys of multiculturalism as they watch night after night televised reports of pathologically greedy Chinese, organised in syndicates, stripping supermarket shelves of baby formulae in order to send it back to China at a two hundred percent mark-up. Possibly, it would be safe to surmise that they are not entirely happy at seeing food stolen from the mouths of babes. Interviews with Australian mothers desperately trying to locate formulae for their babies is heart-rending. But why should the enterprising Chinese care about the dopey round-eyes? That's not the reason they came here. They come here for the same reason their ancestors came here during the gold-rushes: the abundant opportunities for people as enterprising as them to make easy money - free of any silly, sentimental qualms.

It's also debatable that Australians are really thrilled about a continuing influx of people who hate us and our way of life and aren't all that concerned when the more unhinged of their brethren take it into their heads to mow us down on streets and footpaths. Yes, I'm referring to the adherents of that well-known religion of peace. A "welcoming" society? If you happen to be a White native of this country and decide to venture into one of the ghettos carved out of the country by these peace-lovers, check to see how welcomed you feel. Old residents of these once all-White areas found out to their sorrow and cost how, not only unwelcome they were, but also how offers-that-couldn't-be-refused were attracted by their reluctance to move. However, Australians are considered to be so sub-par of intellect that they are incapable of extrapolating from what is happening in Western Europe in order to preview their future unless current trends are reversed.

Even people not living in Australia would have some idea of how the majority of the population hugs the coasts of this huge continent. They would, therefore, have an inkling of how much our glorious beaches mean to us. A long-standing Australian tradition is of leaving one's possessions on the beach while taking a dip in the surf confident in the knowledge their possessions would still be there when they returned. It wasn't fail-safe, but close to it. That is now changing, courtesy of "youths of African appearance" who have become beach-combers, and not in the usually accepted sense. Reports have surfaced of these youths operating in gangs scouring the beaches for the low-hanging fruit of wallets and purses and other goodies that can be picked up while their owners are absent. Whenever other sun-bathers have tried to intervene, they have been brutally bashed.

Incidentally, it was our beach culture being abused that was the trigger for the so-called Cronulla riot. On that occasion, Australian youths became fed up with so-called Lebanese-Australians sexually harassing and insulting Australian girls and with the unthinkable crime of a life-saver (a revered volunteer lifeguard with a long tradition) being beaten up - a bit of a rip in our cohesiveness that day.

But back to the African-appearing youths: these have ridden in on one of our more recent waves of enrichment but have shown an amazing ability to make up for lost time. Just yesterday (January 22), in fact, it was reported in The Daily Telegraph that a "[p]olice have arrested 10 members of a youth gang they believe attacked and robbed at least five people around railway stations across Western Sydney".

"The gang, made up of youths of African appearance, calls itself the "BMF" (Black Mutha F ...[uckers]) and carried out the assaults over two weeks in the Blacktown area, [appropriately enough] according to police."

However, in the same article, Western Sydney University criminologist, Michael Kennedy, took issue with the word, "Gang" used in the article's headline. Splitting a semantic hair, he wanted to assure Sydneysiders that, "[t]here is not a gang problem in the Sydney Sudanese community at all".

This bullshit started in Melbourne where Africans somehow became ensconced before the problems they brought with them began manifesting in other areas which now include Queensland. Marauding packs of "youths of African appearance" have been terrorising our southern neighbours for some time now, to the point that many Melbourne citizens state that they are now too afraid to venture out at night and consequently restaurants began feeling the pinch. There have been several savage battles between Africans apparently split along tribal lines.

The incredibly politicised and politically correct Victorian police, marching to the tune of an extremely left-wing State government, have done little to stem the violence. The marauders continue marauding with virtual impunity. Instead of doing what is their reason for existence, Victorian police have been using up an obscene amount of energy trying to convince the people they are sworn to protect that there really isn't anything to worry about because Melbourne simply does not have a gang problem.

The next time someone is mugged or simply beaten up for the fun of it, it is apparently imagined that great solace will be provided to the victim in knowing he isn't suffering at the hands of a gang - just a collection of Blacks who've come together on an ad hoc basis to dispense an ad hoc arse-kicking.

Here, in fact, we have imported into our country - our Shangri-la of social cohesion - "the most successful example of multiculturalism ever" - "South African style violent home invasions, car-jackings and armed robberies", as described more honestly by Miranda Devine in her column in today's Telegraph (January 23)

Of course, the real test of our cohesiveness is yet to come. That will be when our atheistic Chinese communists face-off against our fanatically religious Muslims. Now they will be "interesting times" as the Chinese curse goes. Saying, may you live in interesting times, is a bit like pointing the bone at someone.