Here's the antithesis to the filthy rich Gerry Harvey who made his fortune in Australian retail but couldn't give a rat's arse about Australia as long as he makes even more money:  the filthy rich Dick Smith who also made his fortune in Australian retail but obviously cares deeply about Australia. Moreover, he's prepared to put his money where his mouth is. Hence the Dick Smith Fair Go campaign he's running. The plan is to run advertisements like the one featured in most if not all of the major Australian dailies to raise awareness of the dangers of the overpopulation our political and financial overlords have planned for us. It of course won't be cheap so he's asking for help, pledging to to match contributions dollar for dollar with his own money. No doubt he could afford 100% of the bill, but there's a certain wisdom in allowing others some skin in the game rather than providing a completely free ride, or in other words, an opportunity for nationali…


Multiculturalism has never worked out all that well in Malaysia, particularly in '69 when ethnic Chinese were being hunted down and killed in the streets of Kuala Lumpur. The shock-waves from that explosion of  racial hatred caused a monumental watershed in Malaysian society.

Wherever the Chinese have established themselves as significant minorities in the countries of Asia, the pattern of resentment and hostility toward them bears a remarkable resemblance to the reaction that has seen the Jews thrown out of a long list of European countries at one time or another and for similar reasons. It is therefore no surprise to find that the Chinese are widely known as "the Jews of Asia".

Ethnic Chinese now make up 25% of the Malaysian population - second only to Thailand in terms of Chinese minority size. Scattered widely throughout the country, Panang, the island connected to the mainland by bridge, is though the Chinese capital, as it were.

Small Chinese numbers were reported…


I happened to mention an upcoming trip to Norfolk Island to my dentist. He seemed interested so I continued. Referring to its penal settlement days, I said, "It would have to be a supreme irony wouldn't it? They managed to take an island paradise and turn it into a hell on earth."

He replied, "yes, just like Manus Island." I was about to spin my head Linda Blair style and spray him with "you're kidding aren't you? You're comparing Manus with Norfolk?" But remembering it's not the best of ideas to get involved in a political altercation with your dentist, especially as he's about to drill a tooth, I kept my mouth shut - figuratively speaking, that is. Doing it literally  would of course have defeated the purpose of a dental appointment. In retrospect, I shouldn't have been caught so flat-footed by his opinion. He is after all an upper middle class professional and, as so, obligated to have  the "correct" views so effe…

AS EASY AS STEALING MILK FROM A BABY: The Great Chinese Baby Formula Sting

900 gram tins of Ozcare baby formula, selling in Australia for $20 each, fetch $90 in China. And they're off and running. Get out of the way if you don't want to be flattened in the stampede. Supermarket staff citing safety concerns try to control the Boxing Day style rush but to no avail. They either get flattened themselves or the stream of greed merely divides about them as though they were tree trunks in a flood.

In a limp-wristed effort to control the feverish behaviour, stores have placed a limit of four tins per customer but this causes the counter productive effect of accelerating the rush as the profiteers race to the check-out with their maximum allowance, hand them to accomplices or stash them in a nearby parked car in order to be able to dash back for another four, and then another four until the shelves are stripped.

Australian mothers are alarmed and perplexed at the sight of the bare shelves when needing to obtain formula for their own babies. Bad luck! They'…




American conservative, Pat Buchanan, opines that the US has never been as polarised as it presently is since the Vietnam War era, perhaps even since the Civil War. and whereas the previous confrontations comprised one main cleavage, the country is now fragmenting along multiple fault-lines.

A similar, gloomy diagnosis could be made of Australian society; it was also plunged into a national altercation by the Vietnam war, but more likely, opposing camps haven't  been at loggerheads with each other with such vituperation since the bitterly turbulent times of the conscription referenda  of 1916 and 1917. (It's interesting that back then people were given a say on whether men should be sent to their deaths in war, but now as modern serfs under a soft tyranny we are not given a say on whether the entire nation should be sent to its death by Asianisation)

The Vietnam War protests here also included an anti-conscription element but was primarily anti- war.  The ensuing polarisation …


"Grandpa, what was it like in Australia when only white people could come and live here?"
Grandpa looks up from his newspaper, slightly startled by the question. "Honey, it was the most wonderful place on Earth." Then after a moment's reflection, he adds in a quieter voice, "compared with what it's like now." His granddaughter turns back to her writing assignment. A tiny wrinkle appearing on her forehead reflects her confusion. She loves Grandpa so much but what he has just said is in a head-on collision with what her teachers have been telling her about 'the bad old days' when Australia was ruled by something called 'the White Australia Policy' She's been told it is a very good example of 'racism' That's a new word she has learned. Although a little unsure of its meaning, she knows it is something terrible and 'racists' are very bad people. The thought of ever running into one of them frightens her.

She un…