Sunday, January 31, 2016


David Morrison was named 2016 Australian of the Year

Not since the hyper-sensitive and intellectually challenged Adam Goodes being named the winner of the increasingly dubious title of Australian of the Year has the mantle been bestowed on someone so little deserving apart from his being the current darling of the liberal left, especially the sisterhood.

 Former Chief of the Army and a General no less, David Morrison is the pacifist who famously declared that violence never solved anything.  What a Spartan!  If this weren't so sad, it would be an even better joke than his being named Australian of the Year for 2016.  Never mind bullets and bomb-blasts, simple booing would probably frighten David as much as it did Adam.  The only conflict this 'warrior' was interested in participating in was the culture war. He is front and centre one of those weirdest of creatures - a male feminist.

While our best and brightest were giving their lives in Afghanistan, David launched his personal crusade (and no doubt boost to his career) the fight against that darkest of evil, the sexual antics of enlisted men.  The episode in question featured one bone fide cad, the former soldier, and then employee of a defence contractor who recorded images of his having consensual sex with the unfortunate woman he'd seduced.  These images were then transmitted to his mates in the army who were then effectively deemed accomplices in this heinous crime and so became collateral damage.  Eight, including veterans of Afghanistan and battling PTSS were unceremoniously sacked while Hastings Frederickson, 'the Wolf of Wooloomooloo', and the instigator, received a 15 month suspended jail sentence for using a carriage service to cause offence.  So justice was seen to be done by the capeless crusader and his ilk, notwithstanding the destruction of the careers of so many good soldiers guilty of no more than insensitivity and poor taste in what they thought was the privacy of their own hard-drives. No matter.  Misogyny would be torn out root and branch from the armed services.

Once again the same mistake was being made, that which might be called Marx's monumental blunder: assuming humans could be cured of human nature.  Accepted wisdom has it that doing exactly the same thing over again and expecting a different result is a sure sign of not very impressive intelligence..  And yet the left keeps repeating its stupidity like a slogan at a street demo.  Examples are plentiful but just to pick one of the classics: force hundreds of incompatible ethnic groups together and then decry the rise of 'racism'. Gee, didn't see that coming.  Similarly, attempt to feminise the armed services (feminists have finally achieved their long term goal of being eligible to die in combat) and then decry the rise of misogyny.

As more and more girls take advantage of female friendly training demands and flock to the services in peace time, the great unknown of course is how they will conduct themselves in the unfortunate event of a war actually breaking out.  We'll know then whether having ideology and social engineering trump national security was such a good idea.  Islamic fighters no doubt already  have hard-ons just thinking about the prospect of being confronted by juicy girl soldiers.  Perhaps in future we'll have generals like Morrison hiding in bunkers while the girls are sent out to negotiate with the enemy.  'Why can't we all just get along?' 

These are the prerequisites for Australian of the Year:demonstrated excellence in the field, known to have made contribution to the community and nation, providing an inspirational role model.  As for the first, few had even heard of Morrison before his wading into flavour-of the-month gender politics.  Contribution to the community and the nation? Has anyone seen this so called military man's service record?  As for being an inspirational role model, well in a way he has been this if you count inspiring young men not to see the services as a career choice.  If bullets don't get you feminism probably will.

Roughly fifteen seconds after receiving the award Morrison informed all and sundry he would be using the his new platform to lend his voice to a call for a republic.  Is that what the honour now means, a megaphone to spruik personal opinions?  Apparently that is what it has become.  After all, Goodes never shut up about evil white racism, even stooping to traumatise a young female fan who'd insulted him.  It's a one way street of course.  If in doubt, just imagine the shock and horror, if by some infinitesimal chance, someone not sharing left wing opinions winning the gong and then going about airing opinions not palatable to those who consider their life-work comprises telling the rest of us how to think..  It's about time these social justice warriors were told the awarding of these honours is not a soapbox.

If a fool like Morrison is the best to be found to pin this award on, it's high time this charade was junked..

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Third Crusade Richard I after Taking Cyprus En Route Lands at Acre After Giclee PrintThe traitors among us who see the white race as a cancer on humanity and the history of western civilization as one continuous litany of evil leave no monument unturned in their search for further evidence to support their psychotic world-view.  By flagellating themselves on behalf of the rest of us who are too dim or slow to see the 'truth' as they see it, they are, by some psychic quirk lifted to a higher moral ground (in their own minds).

But make no mistake, their demented preaching on the scale and over the long span of time it has been happening has been highly effective, so effective it has informed the zeitgeist.  As corrosive as salt water on iron, it has eaten away at the soul of the west, destroying belief in itself and causing the collapse of its value system and, has history has shown repeatedly, the fall of civilizations has always been preceded by the destruction of these two central pillars.

Since just after the last world war we have been riding and escalator through a time of atonement for the myriad of sins we've committed against the peace-loving people of the world.  Our atonement will never be complete until we have effectively removed ourselves from the world, destroyed ourselves.  Progress towards this goal has been impressive.  One of the most effective tools we have at our service for this task is multiculturalism.  Again with just a glance at  history, the inevitable result of multiculturalism is the poisoning of the host culture through an introduction of a Bacillus and the  fragmentation of a nation into a collection of warring tribes.  Of course, for a homogeneous people to accept this epitome of violation, massive machinery of mind-control must be constructed to convince them that black is white, that there is strength in diversity (just as there is peace in war) and that it is all for the good in this materialisng heaven on earth.

'Those who control the present control the past.  Those who control the past, control the future.'  This is probably one of the most profound statements ever made by George Orwell.  Controlling the past of course entails rewriting history.  The absolute imperative for this was seen by the members of the infamous Frankfurt School who came up with the seemingly academically respectable sounding means for doing this.  It was termed 'Critical Theory', with which those whose hopes for world wide communist revolution had been dashed by the First World War in which, instead of workers of the world uniting, they had fought against each other, could change tack and begin Gramsci's 'long march through the institutions'.  This insidious infiltration would become known as 'Cultural Marxism'.

As the name implies, Critical Theory's main purpose is to criticise, that is, criticise every achievement of western civilisation, its history effectively turned on its head: good is evil, white is black, black is good, white is evil.  One of the best examples of this is what we labour so hard to celebrate on Australia Day.  The foundation of a nation becomes dispossession and the beginning of genocide.  The bringing of civilization to one of the most unforgiving continents on the planet becomes grand theft Terra Australis.

With this slow drip of poison it is not difficult to understand why a significant proportion of the white race is beginning to lose the will to live.

However, given the contemporary geopolitical climate, the most dangerous and egregious example of Critical Theory doing its worst would have to be the steamrolling leftist version of the Crusades which sees peace-loving Islam as the victim of unprovoked attack by blood-maddened, burning, looting and sword-wielding fanatics of Christendom.  This cartoonish caricature has become so unquestioningly accepted that any apologist for Islam  automatically assumes that any discussion not going his way can win it simply by uttering the magic words: 'What about the Crusades?'  But the discussion need not end here.  Feel like some fun?  Then simply parry with 'well what about the Crusades?'.  Picture a fish trying to breathe on dry land.  This is how the ignoramus who thought by one simple snip (or snipe)  the discussion was declared won will usually look.

A few undeniable facts about the Crusades: Before the First Crusade Christendom had been subject to the onslaught of Islam for more than six hundred years, as it had to be by a religion launched by the sword.  The  Byzantine Empire., the Eastern half of the Roman Empire and only half remaining. had been rolled back to not much more than the confines of Greece by the marauding armies of Islam and Constantinople had been attacked on numerous occasions.  Indeed, it has been posited that if Constantinople had fallen to one of these earlier attacks instead of its eventually being taken by the Turks in 1453, all of Europe and possible America would now be Muslim.

In the lands overrun by Islam, Muslim overlords professed tolerance for 'people of the book' (Jews and Christians) although as decidedly second class citizens, as Dhimmis, paying a harsh tax (jizya) and subject to other humiliating regulations as well as dress codes.  These were the lucky non-Muslims now living under Muslim rule.  Those living in cities taken by siege did not fare so well.  Males (those with pubic hair and so considered adults) were beheaded, infidel women were raped (as exhorted by the Koran) and then either kept as sex slaves or sold into slavery along with the children.

'Tolerance' waxed and waned.  In the best of times infidels were allowed to practise their religion (out of sight of course) and Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land were by and large left unmolested.  Proselytising was however a beheading offence.

All of this changed with the rise of the Seljuk Turks. This was, ISIS taking over from Al Quaeda, if you will.  The party was over; no more Mister Nice Guy.  From now on there would be no pussy-footing around.  In 1091 Seljuk forces smashed a Byzantine army at the battle of Manzikert.  They were now about to own virtually all of Asia Minor, with the populations of a multitude of great Christian cities being subjected to Dhimmitude.  In the meantime, tolerance for the book people had effectively evaporated.  Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land were routinely attacked.

This situation was the setting for Pope Uban the second's calling of the First Crusade in 1095 and then only after the pleading for help from from the Byzantine Emperor, Alexis Commenus. Four years later in 1099 Godfrey of Bouillon with his forces conquered Jerusalem.  However fortunes would change over the next two centuries and six subsequent crusades until the fall of the last crusader castle in 1291.

The crusaders have been accused of many things, ironically, one of the most shocking being the sacking of Constantinople. The context here, which is usually not alluded to, is the continuous treacherous betrayal and reneging on promises of help by the Byzantines.  Once the crusaders had gotten the Byzantines out of immediate danger it was don't call us, we'll call you.

Another 'war crime' of the crusaders was the blood-letting at Jerusalem but this is simply another attempt at the cardinal sin of historiography of superimposing contemporary mores, values and attitudes onto a bygone ere.  What happened is shocking to modern sensibilities but was par for the course for the time in which it happened.  Universally accepted rules of engagement was that mercy would be shown if the besieged surrendered, if not, then no mercy would be shown, and that exactly was what was meant.  The defenders at Jerusalem refused to surrender.

These are just a couple of the many sleights of historical hand and myths that have been perpetuated about the evil white man's Holy Wars which have been equated to colonialism - another mangling of history.  Most of the nobles who fought had mortgaged or sold property to finance their individual crusades.  It was an expensive business.  And in the mostly barren lands over which the crusader state existed there was little opportunity for recouping their expenses.

The supreme irony is that hard feelings about the holy wars weren't harboured by Muslims - that is until relatively recent times.  Now with the egging on of demented liberals and Muslim apologists the crusades are being remembered (planted memory?) as something about which a smouldering grudge must be nursed.  Indeed, the current conflict between Muslims and 'Christians' is being re-wrapped as an extremely belated eighth crusade.

Sources: God's Battalions The Case for the Crusades
                by Rodney Stark
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades
                 by Robert Spencer

Tuesday, January 26, 2016



Interesting times - interesting in the sense of the Chinese curse.  Although things seem normal: clear skies, all the sport you could possibly want on TV and a fridge full of food and beer, reality can change in a heartbeat as it did in New York on September 11, 2001.
We live with little certainty, but of the few things that we can be certain of is that improvement of the world situation is not going to happen.  The best that we can hope for is that thing don't get any worse.  This may seem unduly pessimistic to those with little or no understanding of the seismic forces unleashed in our world.  However, the optimism rooted in this lack of understanding is simply the bliss of the ignorant to those who have taken the trouble to enlighten themselves.

The world economy is a house of cards waiting for a gust of air and a major war is an ever present danger.  Just north of our own cosy little corner of the world, two superpowers, one on the rise and one in decline, grind away at each other like tectonic plates.  It can all come crashing down so fast we may never even know what happened, just like the man who became a stain on a concrete step seconds after Little Boy exploded over Hiroshima.

There is perhaps a lingering feeling in Australia of the insularity we once enjoyed because of being so far away from the rest of the world.  That of course was before the rest of the world was invited into Australia and before the world was globalised. Besides, we never really liked being on our own; we always felt the need for someone to protect us.  Originally it was Britain, and then it was the US and now we are trying to have a two way bet with the US for military protection and China as our economic savior.  It's unfortunate that unless it can be decided peacefully just whose lake the western Pacific is, these two could be at each other's throat.  And where exactly would that leave us, straddling the fault line as our genius 'leaders'  have positioned us?  Anybody with a barbed wire canoe?

Of course that is just one possible scenario. Anybody who has seen and understood the film, The Matrix,
knows it can be seen as an allegory for the world in which we actually live - a manufactured reality built on lies, lies, propaganda and more lies.  What we are allowed to see are merely shadows on the cave wall posited by Plato.  The shadows seen by prisoners in the cave are caused by a fire they are prevented from seeing, projecting images of real substance controlled by the jailers or masters.

If we are not even considered worthy of being allowed to see the reality behind the matrix or  what is actually causing the shadows on the cave wall, we obviously have absolutely no idea of the actual dangers we face.  We can only speculate, but if our masters consider that reality must be screened off from us, our speculations must lead us to allow for possibilities evil in the extreme.

So what can we do?  Realistically, not much.  But that's not to say nothing. The most important thing we can do for ourselves is to increase our awareness of what is knowable.  Even if you don't know what's coming if we can train ourselves to stay cognizant of the fact that something is coming.  This alone will put you in a far stronger position than the sheep who believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are living in the best of all possible worlds and nothing can possibly change that.  Obviously, when this world does change, the ensuing state of immobilising shock that envelopes them will steal valuable time in which to react and because what has happened was never supposed to happen they will not know how to react once the shock begins to recede.

Of all the very bad thing that can happen, sudden economic collapse is possibly the front runner, and 'sudden' is the operative word here.  How often lately have we heard of several billion dollars evaporating from stock markets while you slept?  Several billion here, several billion there and it starts to become serious money.

Remaining with the scenario of economic collapse, it's worth noting that our 'wonderful', 'harmonious', 'envied by the rest of the world' multiculturalism, that has worked a treat we are constantly told, has had its way greased by massive amounts of baksheesh.  Twenty six years ago, Stephen Rimmer, a senior economist in the Commonwealth Public Service, estimated that multiculturalism was costing Australian tax payers the princely sum of seven billion per year, a great deal of it dished out directly in the form of grants to the multitude of outstretched ethnic hands.

What happens when the party's over.  What happens in a country that has been fragmented, had its social cohesion destroyed, its social capital pissed away when the entitled ones are no longer able to be provided with which they assume to be entitled, when it becomes a free for all scrabble for remaining resources?  It ain't gonna be pretty.

Again, what can we do?  We look after ourselves and ours.  When the tribal warfare begins we ensure we are securely anchored within our tribe.  We try to think ahead.  We've all seen TV news of supermarket shelves being stripped within hours of disaster striking.  We need to be among the first doing the stripping.  It's often impractical to store much food in our homes but we can do our best to always have on hand a good supply of canned food, rice, milk powder and so on.  Similarly, having at least a couple of thousand in cash safely stashed in crafty hiding places is another wise tactic.  We've all seen scenes of chaos around ATMs in Greece in the not too distant past.

Personal safety is another thing you can do for yourself.  Awareness again is critically important and the first line of self defence. Wherever you are in the bad times - or any time at all for that matter - 360 degrees of awareness of surroundings is essential.  Listen to your instincts, your intuition.  If you have a bad feeling about continuing in a certain direction, take another route.  If you don't like the look of people up ahead, cross the street to where there is safety.

The second line of self-defence is physical fitness.  You may have a blackbelt stuffed in the back of your wardrobe but if you haven't trained or maintained fitness for over a year it will be useless to you.  Regarding martial arts, forms like Ju Jitsu and Kung Fu make for excellent hobbies and staying fit but take years to master and a lot less time to forget.  Making a lot more sense are relatively uncomplicated but still devastating forms such as Muay Thai and Krave Maga which can be learnt in as little as a few sessions with a few basic tactics easy to remember. Krav Maga was developed by the Israeli army in the early days of their Palestinian occupation when their rag-tag force had to be either trained with lightening speed or risk being wiped out.  It is basically a comprehensive collection of dirty tricks, not something you need to feel especially guilty about when someone is trying to kill or rape you.

Both of these fighting arts, relying largely on kicks, are well suited to the relatively powerful lower body strength of women.  Given the extreme difficulty of obtaining in Australia such handy tools as pepper spray, some reliable form of martial art is what may be the only thing standing between women and what was once considered a fate worse than death. Also given the elite's perverted, demented insistence on importing more and more rapeaholics from the Middle East, this danger will obviously increase as so graphically illustrated by the recent outrages in Cologne. Infidel women strutting about unescorted by a close male relative and with their faces (let alone legs and cleavages) showing, are simply 'uncovered meat' left out for cats as Australian 'muslim leader', Sheik Hilali so infamously put it.  During the trial of the animalistic Skaf brothers who led a sexual jihad against girls selected because they were Australian - a sadistic crime wave that shocked the nation - it was their mother who added the final insult to injury: 'It is not a crime to fuck a white slut,' she screamed in the courtroom.  So there you have it girls, just such a pity you can't slip a .38 into your purse as your American sisters are legally entitled to.

All in all, the future is not looking so bright you'll have to wear shades.  However, no-one needs to feel helpless if he doesn't want to be.  There are precautions that can be taken and preparations that can be made.  We simply have to remember what we've forgotten in spite of being told repeatedly throughout history: life is struggle.  In the meantime, despite our awareness of the coming bad times, we need to live every day as fully as though it were the last.  You might as well get your kicks before, in the immortal words of the poetic Jim Morrison, 'the whole shit-house goes up in flames'.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Australian Liberty Alliance

Here's a breath of fresh air: a politically incorrect political party.  Given the events occurring in various parts of the the world including ours, it may just encapsulate an idea whose time has come.  Naturally it's receiving the full blast of vitriolic vile that supplants reasoned argument for the intellectually challenged whose brains are still glowing from a full wash and spin cycle, but this of course should be worn as a badge of honour.  The Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA), as are similar but more aggressive, street-wise organisations eschewing parliamentary politics, is an essential counter balance to the growing strength, confidence and hostility of Islam in Australia. (A desire to avoid a gag reflex as well as a feeling of being violated prevents the use of the term, 'Australian Islam' as there is nothing Australian about Islam and never will be. Islam is diametrically opposed to everything for which Australia stands. )

 Apologists for Islam, leftists and fellow travelling masters of the dark art of duplicity are indefatigable in pointing out the existence of warm, cuddly 'moderate Islam'. Let it be emphatically stated, no such creature exists.  It is as mythical as a mermaid.  In reality, 'moderate Islam' is either one of two things: it is either made up of the lackadaisical type who doesn't take Islam that seriously and probably hasn't read the Koran and so is not a real Muslim but an apostate and therefore fair game for ISIS decapitation squads, or it is the second much more dangerous variety.  This is the type who cleaves to the advice given in the Koran to use all manner of deception in dealing with the infidel when to do otherwise would be disadvantageous.  It's a numbers game.  When the numbers are still relatively low it makes good sense to keep a low profile and endeavour to appear as meek and as inoffensive as possible, but as the numbers increase with a proportionate increase in power and in inverse proportion to to the craven appeasement of the host population, true colours begin to be flown.  Instead of reacting to the latest atrocity perpetuated by 'extremist' Muslims with the usual deafening silence - a collective no comment  - mummers of approval begin to be heard.

With Donald Trump poised to become the next US president simply be emulating the boy who could plainly see the emperor was stark, bollocky naked, the ALA may similarly rattle our own antipodean cage by recognising the reality of the blistering hatred Muslims harbour for infidels and the insanity of importing more and more of a fifth column. We watch like rabbits caught in headlights the unhurried, methodical construction of a time-bomb in our midst.

The ALA is a well organised, well funded party poised to run candidates for the senate from every state and territory in the next federal election.  This is a sensible strategy given that it is much easier to win a senate seat than a seat in the house.  Small party candidates have been known to be successful with two percent on the primary vote and even less.

If Kirralie Smith, who will be standing as a senate candidate for NSW, is a fair representation of the general calibre of ALA candidates - and there is nothing to suggest she isn't - the party will not be lacking in fire-power.  She is young, attractive, personable, well educated and an accomplished public speaker.

The party was only launched in October last year in Perth.  On hand to do the honours was Geert Wilders, the Dutch MP and outspoken critic of Islam in Europe (and so naturally has his life preserved by 24 hour police guard).  As the situation in Europe spirals into catastrophe courtesy of an exponentially ramped up Muslim invasion and brings the very continued existence of Europe into question, Wilders is one of the heavy-hitters, along with Marine Le Pen, of nationalist figures to whom more and more people will be turning for salvation.  Wilder's infatuation  with Israel though may not be to the liking of all who oppose Islamisation.

The ALA's platform, although nationalist-lite for understandable reasons of political pragmatism, contains much that would appeal to the great mass of Australian people who are effectively disenfranchised by Lib/Lab bipartisan agreement on the really important issues being of no concern to the people most affected by them.  Multiculturalism is of course the prime example.  Not once have the Australian people been given to opportunity to voice an opinion on a policy that has changed the country beyond recognition to someone just waking from a thirty year coma.  Where the hell am I?  Instead, it has been a top-down revolution forced on the body politic like spinach on a four year old.  The ALA would like to see Multiculturalism scrapped.  And not before time with even the likes of David Cameron and Angela Merkel admitting Multiculturalism is a complete and utter failure (this however did not prevent Frau Merkel from importing over one million Muslims in the last year).

Although seeing Multiculturalism as something dead for some time and for all our sakes would someone please remove it, the ALA has no problem with a multi-ethnic Australia.  This is a realistic acceptance of a  fait accompli.  It also sees the country as a propositional nation or through a prism of what's been called civic nationalism.  Carefully avoided is the once common definition of a nation in terms of race and blood.  Indeed, race, is avoided as much as it would be by those who see it as a 'social constuct' - at least until someone of a certain race is being seen to be discriminated against. Although this would be a bitter pill to swallow for more hard core nationalists, it is again really just political pragmatism.  You don't want to scare the horses.

There is a hole though in the platform wide enough to drive those horses through and that is the complete head-in-the-sand avoidance of Asianisation, as though there is only one way to lose a country - the Islamic way.  Asianisation is an obvious far greater threat and given that the present trend is not in some way derailed we are well on track to be, as Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore once predicted, the poor, white trash of Asia.

Notwithstanding the opinion expressed previously on this blog that voting is the 'democratic' equivalent of pissing in the wind, a vote for this party is probably better than just getting your name marked off.  They stand a very good chance of getting at least one senator elected and this one senator, although obviously not able to actually touch the levers of power, could become a lightening rod as Pauline Hanson once did and as well become a voice for the great silent majority.  The groundswell of support that lifted Hanson did not mysteriously disappear or die off; it is still out there, still quietly smouldering and just needing to be energised by a real chance of something, anything deflecting their course from the brink of the abyss.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


If you were offered the choice of a) walking bare-foot across red hot coals or b) standing for ten minutes in a bucket of ice cold water, you would probably say no thanks, neither of those choices appeal to me.  But if you were then told, sorry but that's not an option, it must be either a or b, you would no doubt be incensed.

Similarly, if you were in a polling station on election day and were offered the choice of Party A or Party B when both parties were equally dedicated to globalisation, replacing the founding race with multicultural goulash, and maintaining an immigration programme which on a per capita basis is one of the highest in the world and aimed at an ever expanding population has even existing social infrastructure groaning and creaking under the strain, not to mention the looming catastrophe resulting in the overpopulation of the world's most delicate continental eco-system you would more than likely say again, no thanks, not interested.  But again you would be told that's not an option, or in this scenario, you don't have to be interested (or even be intelligent enough to understand the issues) you just have to vote.  That's Australian 'democracy'.

But of course the issues outlined above would never be mentioned.  The rationale for this seems to be that because our rulers don't give a flying fornicaton about your opinions on these matters - they are far too important to have you meddling in them - what's the point of mentioning them?

But to keep you biting so to speak, they will give you a choice on inconsequential matters, the type of minutia that dominates televised 'political news'.  If Nero really was in Rome fiddling while it burnt (which he wasn't but it's made for a timeless analogy) the nonsense that is supposed to set A and B apart would be a faithful equivalent.  So much sound and fury will be made of these little issues millions of punters in the body politic will be convinced that casting a vote is really exercising their democratic right to participate in the political process.  'By God, our forefathers fought for the right to vote and I intend to use it.'  Flying well below the radar of consciousness is the fact that in the old Soviet Union, people had the right to vote,  regular elections were held and people could vote for whomever they chose - as long as he was a communist.  Here people have the right to vote for whomever they like as long as he's a globalist who, no matter how much he bleats about the 'national interest', is fundamentally a traitor to Australia.  He, and increasingly she, are never more delirously happy than when strutting the world stage, such as at the recent Paris conference on climate change, a globalist event if ever there was one, the global warming hoax being tailor made for a 'global solution'.

The most prized gift to the ruling elite from elections is 'legitimacy' - see, they really do love us!  Yes we love them just like the infidel bride loves the the new Muslim husband she has just been sold to.  The vote and the sale are equally bereft of that quaint old commodity: freedom of choice.

But you say, there is a choice; Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, although admittedly identical in appearance, are located at different callibrations on the left/right continuum.  Ha, ha, ha.  I'm sorry.  But the old left/right concept really doesn't cut it any more.  Well, to be fair, it may have meant something in the days of yore before the nation state had been slated for the garbage can of history by our political and managerial elite, and yes the original Labor Party just like its British counterpart 'grew out of the bowels of the trade union movement' as so eloquently stated by Ernest Bevin, but to the new improved ALP, the white Australian working class might as well have been hurled into the garbage can of history as well. Why else does it so heartily approve of its being replaced?  No, right and left has been replaced by who can dispose of Australia the fastest.  

But you say, there is a choice besides brand A and brand B.  What about the minor parties and independants?  What about them?  Besides their being window dressing?.  None of them have a hope in hell of claiming any real degree of power; at best, they might have nuisance power.  In a proportional electoral system such as is common in Europe minor parties can influence the direction of the country.  But we have a preferential system.  This in effect means that no matter who you vote for outside of A and B, your vote will more than likely eventually land with either one.

At the height of the anti-war movement in the sixties a popular sentiment expressed was 'what if they had a war and nobody came.'  Well, moving with the times, what if they held an election and nobody voted.  One can dream.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

  Nationalism must be stamped out.  It must be destroyed root and branch wherever it appears.  It is the smallpox of political philosophies and so must be eradicated.  Failing that, it must be somehow contained.  Ideally, if all the nationalism befouling the world and poisoning the very air we breath could be somehow compressed and put into a box, something like Pandora's, we may just survive.  But it must be strong, constructed from at least six inch thick tungsten steel and wrapped in chains of uranium.  Never mind Pandora's box, because if the evils contained in the box marked 'NATIONALISM' escape, there will be real trouble.  So would say those dedicated to constructing the globalism of the New World Order.  To paraphrase the immortal words of Mandy Rice Davies - older readers may remember Mandy as
 one of the fun loving girls who almost brought down a British government - they would say that wouldn't they? 

After all, being up to the elbows in the dirty work of dismantling nation states and and winding down national sovereignty, the last thing you'd want would be to be hit in the face by a scalding hot gush of escaping nationalism.  The power of what that can do has been witnessed many times through history.  The next thing you'd know would be the explosive anger of millions wanting their countries back.  And worse!  They still have a copious amounts of fire-power.  Not enough urgency or creativity was shown in the staging of all those mass shootings to convince gun owners to disarm.

But to get the full flavour of nationalism in all its supposed 'evil' guises, one really need go no further than George Orwell's essay, Notes on Nationalism.  It should be noted from the outset that few would have more respect for the great prophet than I, but Orwell like the rest of us was a product of his time.  His essay was written in May of the last year of the greatest cataclysm to ever befall mankind, and for which nationalism was held to be the chief culprit.  When thinking of nationalism in this time it would have been all but impossible to avoid conjuring up images of dictatorial, goose-stepping, would be world conquering fascism.  Now I admit that parallels, indeed similarities  between nationalism and fascism exist, but we'll get to that later.

So what exactly did Orwell say?  For starters, here's how he defined nationalism: 'By "nationalism I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled "good" or "bad'.  It's pretty much down hill from there.  For instance: 'Nationalism is power hunger tempered by self-deception.  Every nationalist is capable of the most flagrant dishonesty, but is also - since he he is conscious of serving something bigger than himself - unshakably certain of being in the right'.  I'll grant the serving something bigger than the individual ('no man being an island') but why should this entail monomania?  Nationalism, according to Orwell is a mental disease one must be constantly on guard against being 'infected by'.

The world has changed so much since Orwell wrote this essay, which in the entire thirteen  pages he could find not one kind word to say about its subject, it is hopelessly obsolete.  In fairness to him, again in his time, the nation state was universally accepted  to be, if not perfect, the closest to perfection that a system could be for protecting and promoting the interests of the like-minded individuals (Orwell's insects if you like) contained therein.  Orwell of course was an intellectual and the job of intellectuals is to attack the status quo.  And some two hundred nation states getting along as peacefully as possible with the embryonic UN  being adjudicator and mediator (as soon as Japan could be atom bombed into eventual co-operation) was the crystalising status quo and one that would continue into the future ad infinitum. In fact, it was the only arrangement that could act as a bulwark to the very horrors he himself  warned about in 1984.

Reinforcing the global confidence of the assured security of the nation state was the Atlantic Charter, that fed into UN Declaration on Human Rights, one of whose eight basic principles was that 'all people have a right to self determination'.  If this right was to mean anything at all the nation state was the only framework in which self determination could be exercised.  If the god of 'democracy' was going to be worshipped, the nation state was the natural cathedral in which this could be done.

With the assumption of the sanctity and everlasting future of the nation state as his premise, Orwell was perhaps right to warn of anything that could lead to belligerence and thus upset international harmony as horrendously as he had seen it so dreadfully wounded, and given that recent history, who could blame him for having a tunnel vision view of the type of nationalism that had seemed to be the catalyst?

But one has to wonder if he really believed the world of 1984 would in many ways actually come to pass, as it has, with the world well on its way to global tyranny with the US NSA hoovering up every crumb of an individual's details, vast global blocs forming, and hate sessions targeting the villain de jour, be it Saddam Hussain, Colonel Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad or Vladamir Putin conducted by the western world's media. 

The world has changed so much, Orwell's version of nationalism is not only obsolete but turned on its headFor example, here is his distinction between patriotism (good) and nationalism (bad): 'Patriotism is by its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally.  Nationalism, on the other hand is inseparable from the desire for power.  The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige...'  Although inserting the proviso that nationalism and patriotism are not so easily teased apart and are largely overlapping, I would posit the reverse is true: nationalism is defensive while patriotism, generally the warm fuzzy feeling that fills empty heads, is what needs to be stirred up whenever a government wants to go to war.  Without patriotism and concomitant on-side public opinion, waging war can be extremely difficult.  The result of the Vietnam war for, example, led many to aver the war was lost not on the battlefield but back on the streets, the campuses and newspapers of America.

 Nationalism is what tribalism became when it grew up.  Exile from the tribe was a fate worse than death in which it usually ended.  Without his tribe the individual was nothing.  As a member of a nation it is easier for individualism to be exercised and indeed the sanctity of the individual is a pillar of western civilisation.  But the evolutionary instinct for tribalism remains.  Being part of something greater is a part of being human.  An individual's identity is inextricably interwoven with that something greater.  Unlike flag waving patriotism - my country right or wrong - true nationalism, bereft if threat, lies peacefully like a hibernating bear.  But when it is aroused by danger its power is titanic.  It is self-preservation, the strongest human instinct, multiplied by millions.  As Napoleon observed, men will always fight harder to defend their land than men trying to take it away from them.

History is littered with armies destroyed in the path of fully aroused nationalism.  It was nationalism and not the erroneously blamed communism that kept a third world people fighting and never doubting ultimate victory while all the while being smashed by the B52s of the worlds most powerful nation.

Nationalism's similarity to fascism, which contains no inherent ideology, is that it is a reaction to dire peril, be it oppression by an external power, national and cultural collapse or military attack.  It is true, to give Orwell his due, that nationalism and fascism have at times been harnessed together, the obvious examples being German national socialism and Mussolini's fascism.  The latter being the creation of a political buffoon, failing in the first necessity of winning hearts and minds and collapsing like a house of cards at the first gust of adversity, it is probably more instructive to concentrate on the former.

The treaty of Versailles, most fair minded historians will admit, contained within it the seeds of Hitler's fascism and World War Two.  It led to Germany being seemingly crushed beyond any hope of ever rising from living death.  Could it ever have been resurrected by democracy, especially the decadent Weimar variety?  It had as much chance as democracy being able to deliver the US from its economic collapse without recourse to war.  But with fascism fueled by nationalism, Germany achieved the seeming impossible in a few short years and without the need for war.  By 1938 it was it was the original economic miracle while FDR's New Deal was on life-support.  This was what nationalism in lock-step with fascism was capable of. 

So what are the lessons to be learnt from this?  An extraordinary seismic tension is developing world wide as the tectonic plates of globalism and nationalism drive against each other. The march of seemingly unstoppable globalism is almost evenly matched by outbreaks of nationalism.  This it must be hoped is depressingly frustrating to the globalists, particularly the big setbacks of nationalism becoming rampant once released by historical events such as the disintegration of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, the splitting of Czechoslovakia as well as the constant agitation of separatists in Belgium, Spain and the UK.

Globalists must also be alarmed at the growing awareness of their Machiavellian treachery.  The great conduit of this is the internet, the development of which is every bit as revolutionary as the upheaval caused by Gutenberg.  Hence, the imminent censorship of the net with the curtailment of 'hate speech' of course being the thin edge of the wedge.  Globalists may also be regretting that in their smugness and hubris they have been in recent years so open about their planned New World Order.  Clinton, George W and Bambi Blair, for instance, spoke about the NWO as though it were as mundane and everyday as just another fiscal policy.    

However, make no mistake, as the we enter further into the endgame, totalitarian clamps will be increasingly screwed down.  Even the most pathological megalomaniac could not make it in one great leap to world-wide tyranny, and make no mistake, world government (for which the NWO is simply the scaffolding) cannot be anything other than tyranny. It can only be arrived at in increments but as growing awareness and nationalism rise in opposition, a quickening pace must be assumed.  We're now in a race, the stakes of which have never been greater in all human history.  If nationalism does not win, it truly will be the end of history.


Monday, January 11, 2016


Unless they have been completely off the grid, most people by now would have heard of the orgy of sexual assault that exploded in Cologne on New Years Eve in the vicinity of the Hauptbahnhof, the city's main railway station and its cathedral. The perpetrators were men of 'Middle Eastern appearance'. North African men were also well represented.  Gee, didn't see that coming.  This filth operated within a mass of accomplices, all told, totalling some 1,000 men.

Cologne was the eye of the storm but similar occurrences were reported in a number of other German cities and and in at least half a dozen other major European cities.  The number of those assaulted in Cologne seems to be increasing with every news report but was around 200 at last count. Two teenage girls were reported raped.  Conflicting reports has those happening in either Cologne or in southern Germany.  To layer disgrace on disgrace, Cologne city officials tried their utmost to suppress news of the mass sexual crime for the same reason the sexual abuse of 1,400 girls and young women by Pakistanis in Rotherham, UK: for fear of blackening the multicultural rainbow and, even worse, appearing to be racist.   But of course this was like trying to prevent water leaking from a sieve.  Social media was lighting up like a forest of Christmas trees and confirmation was provided by a Cologne cop responding to a higher duty and leaking a report that was supposed to remain confidential.

Even then a desperate rear guard action was organised.  Cologne's mayor, Henrette Reker, in a breath taking round about way of blaming the victim helpfully advised German women to take responsibility for their own safety by remaining at 'arm's length' from likely sexual predators and implicitly to dress modestly.  So far, no protest from ultra sensitive feminists the likes of whom were recently in a lather over a West Indian cricketer 'propositioning' a female interviewer on live TV.  Reker's advice was a backwards somersault with twist and high degree of difficulty from the established protocol in regard to would be white rapists - all men being potential rapists according to feminist holy writ - which is that a woman can behave and dress in any way she wants and if this ends badly she is totally absolved of responsibility, 100% of which is dumped on the perpetrator.  Isn't that what the Slut Walkers were proclaiming so loudly and graphically?  Incidentally, would it be safe to assume that future Slut Walks will be toned down somewhat, especially in the vicinity of Islamised areas, at least until thing settle down.

Feminists are eerily silent regarding the entire disgusting outrage.  This has to be further proof that in the pantheon of leftist gods, multiculturalism trumps feminism - even amongst feminists.  This though should be no surprise to those paying attention and who would have noticed that not so much as a peep is heard from feminists whenever such subjects as the chattel status of Muslim women and female genital mutilation are raised.

Tactics used by the culture enrichers in Cologne indicated these attacks were not simply the spontaneous, testosterone fueled loss of control of men crazed by the sight of females not wrapped in black curtains.  On the contrary, tried and trusted methods were used, the same seen before in cities overrun by hate and lust filled believers in the 'religion of peace'; and in Tahrir Square where western female journalists were surrounded and screened off from from being seen by friends or police and any possible chance of rescue.  If the victim eventually escaped after only a humiliating feel-up she could count herself lucky.

This is how one young victim described her ordeal to TV viewers: 'They were full of anger and we had to make sure that none of us were pulled away by them.  They were groping us and we were trying to get away as quickly as possible.' And another victim's account: 'I had fingers on every orifice.'

But perhaps there has been some cultural misunderstanding here.  Maybe this was just a quirky way of people, admittedly not of unusually impressive intelligence, saying, 'thanks so much for welcoming me to your wonderful country.  How can I ever repay you?'

 Baron Bodissay , who described the the mass assault as a 'groping jihad', doesn't think so.  In fact he perceives much more here than what might escape a cursory examination.  To him, it is jihad in a literal sense and not a figurative one.  In this take, the humiliation of a nation's women is being used as rape has been used as a weapon of war throughout history.  God knows, Germany was taught more about this than it ever wanted know by the bestial Soviet army hordes exhorted to 'break the racial pride of German women' by the blood thirsty Jew, Ilya Ehrenberg

If a nation can't protect its women, it knows it is well and truly beaten.  Germany has been reduced to such a sorry state by Frau Merkel and her ilk who refuse to accept reality and continue to slavishly adhere to the suicidal ideology of liberalism, it may well be beaten.  Only time will tell.  

There just may however be a sunny side. With the Camp of the Saints style catastrophe now befalling Europe even the most brain-dead sock-puppets mouthing the mantras taught to them by the juggenauting left via their mouthpieces in the media, educational institutions, and entertainment industry must be stirring a little uneasily.

What happens next in Germany will be decisive.  After fifty years of being cowed by PC like every other white nation and fed an unending diet of blood guilt extending all the way back to the Crusades, will the Germans be able to rally themselves like any non-white ethic group would be after having hundreds of their women violated in this fashion - and rest assured, blood would still be running in the gutters as righteous revenge was inevitably exacted by people who hadn't been castrated the way whites have - or will they roll over and go back to sleep?  Islam is watching and waiting.