Monday, January 28, 2019


Thank Christ for that! It's over and we won't be seeing it again for another year. I'm speaking of Multicultural Day, otherwise known as Australia Day. (For non-Australians, this is ostensibly, and once actually was, the commemoration of the planting of the English flag on the shores of what would become Sydney on January 26, 1778 by Captain Arthur Phillip.) Amongst other things, it's a popular day for the naturalisation ceremonies for blow-ins from all over the world. One more round please of the diarrhoea inducing dirge,  "we are one, but we are many and from all the lands on Earth we come". Bullshit! Most of us were born here, as were our immediate ancestors.

 However, the number one pastime on this day is wailing, whining and bitching from the Australian "invasion" brigade. Our ancestors didn't bring civilization to a savage land. OH NO, not by a long shot. On the contrary, they brought brutality, disease and the shattering of a sublimely peaceful Shangri-la - almost a perfect example of a loving brotherhood of man.  If only we hadn't come. The dreaming and total lack of any kind of progress could have lasted for another 60,000 years, NOT.

Obviously, this will go on ad infinitum. It will be the same every Multicultural Day - forever. You can bend over till your spin snaps; or bend the other way, assuming the position until your arse bleeds, it will never be enough. You can pay out billions every year, which taxpayers in fact do. Every public meeting can be presaged by the welcome-to-county nonsense; it will do no good. Films can be made like the recent disgusting Sweet Country, showing whites as hate-filled, psychotic brutes and Aborigines as tortured angels; it will only make matters worse. Even the recent sickening spectacle of our Prime Minister, bare-footed, face-marked and with his trousers rolled up doing some kind of chicken dance with near naked but suspiciously white Aborigines won't cut any slack for us. (Can you imagine Trump doing this?) The reason nothing will change is that, once victimhood has been achieved, it is far too valuable to relinquish. It can be cashed in for any number of goodies. This goes for Aborigines, women, homosexuals, transvestites and anybody else "oppressed" by the evil white man.

The cheer squad for all this rubbish comprises our left/liberal,greens. Do these idiots really believe that if the British hadn't come here when they did, no one else would have decided to come and take peek at the great, fabled southland? Are they so lacking in intelligence that the words "historical inevitability" mean absolutely nothing to them? OK then, I'll break it down into the most simple of terms. If the British who, in terms of colonialists, were probably the best of a bad bunch, hadn't claimed Australia, one of the other European powers at a  similar level of technological advancement would have. It could have been the Dutch who were less than amicably seen out of Indonesia. Or it may have been the Spaniards. Ask any South or Central American how well that worked out for them.

No Asian power was capable of colonising Australia and neither was any particular part of Asia interested. The original inhabitants - neglecting for argument's sake the large body of evidence supporting the view they weren't, in fact, the first inhabitants but rather the destroyers of an earlier race - really caught a break there given that the level of racism in Asia back then was even more prevalent than it is today. And that's saying something. Here, for example, is how the Chinese term of endearment for blacks translates roughly into English: "black devils".

 How about the term, "use it or lose it"?  Because of the population remaining stagnant at around 300,000 for tens of thousands of years because of rampant infanticide, the continent was far from being used. Feel free to provide the second part of the equation yourself.

But how the boobs fall for it! On this chest-puffing day, they are encouraged to let off a little, harmless patriotism. (Far better that than they start getting any fancy ideas about real but proscribed nationalism. So it's "oi oi oi, Aussie Aussie Aussie". (Again for non-Australians, this is our version of the equally moronic "USA, USA".) So let's throw some more snags (sausages) on the barbie (barbecue) and sink some more piss (beer). It doesn't matter really how pissed they get, because even sober they don't have much of an idea. How could they possibly care, or even know for that matter, that while they are wallowing in beer and chemically laden sausages and teary, sentimental patriotism, their country is being stealthily pulled right out from under them? Who will be the eventual owners is really a toss-up and still difficult to predict. However, a strong favourite is China. Why, only today it was reported that the Chinese government is paying for advertisments to be run in our cinemas proclaiming the virtues of the Chinese version of totalitarianism; it's called "socialism with Chinese characteristics" and is really just the latest installment of China's "soft power" over Australia which is already well underway with the tsunami of brainwashed Chinese students controlled by the Chinese embassy crashing on to our shores as a ready made fifth element.

On the other hand, and this is symptomatic of the worldwide growing cleft between China and globalism - it remaining still difficult to predict how the globalists will be able to corral China within their fold - it could be that Australia will become, or rather become more, simply a geographical area peopled by a multicultural zoo, the descendants of the people who created Australia just a despised rump, otherwise completely deracinated, suffering induced historical amnesia, and an the country itself an excellent locality to be plundered by rapacious global corporations - in the words of crucified Professor Geoffrey Blainey, "a piece of good luck to be shared with the rest of the world".

But hey, who wants to give himself a headache thinking about all that shit? No worries mate. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow ...


  1. Come on, any takers? Please. There must be at least a few beer-swillers and flag wavers out there who have stumbled across this. Please give provide a flash of your lofty intellects and painstakingly well thought out world-views by explaining how all this is simply paranoid, fascist fear-mongering.

  2. Found your blog via NXX14.

    Best wishes from the US and may God help us all.

  3. G’day John! Just read your racist, bigoted — and no doubt bubbling under all that hate, misogynist and anti-semitic — piece of well-fermented bile, and loved it!

    Of all the mystery meats stewing away in the many melting pots that the (((noses))) have on the boil throughout the Western world, the abos — at least the modern day abos — should be among the most grateful of all, for what Whitey provides. The modern abo about town wants for nothing in terms out handouts and freebies enabling a life of complete idleness if he desires, all courtesy of Mr Whitey taxpayer.

    If a full-blooded abo with an IQ of 70-ish wants to go to university, there surely are some do-gooder, virtue signaling Whites who will arrange for some government scholarship. Then the universities will fall over themselves offering to arrange an elevator ride to a full degree, with the unspoken agreement that he at least needs to turn up once, to be awarded said degree, provided it doesn’t interfere with his busy “walkabout” schedule, studying country pubs.

    Now, if all this contact with academia stirs something in his big black heart, he may even do a “Martin Looter Coon” and go for a Doctorate in some arcane aspect of abology, for example, “Why Abos Need Signs Telling Them Not to Sleep on Roads!”. Or perhaps something to bring an understanding tear to a brainwashed, bleeding heart do-gooder, such as, “Generations Ago, Before Whitey Welfare, Abos Ate their Own Children in Times of Hunger!”?

    To the cynical out there, truth be told, I do have sympathy for real abos, for they truly are a primitive people with no hope of competing against others in the modern world. The problem people are brainwashed Whites who have been manipulated by another tribe — you know, the self-chosenites who rule over us behind the curtain — into using so-called abo grievances as a way of creating division and self-hate among Whites.

    As for the Chinese and Indian (dot) invasion of Australia, again tools used by the self-chosenites to racially and culturally destroy White Australians as part of their jew World Order plans.

    But, but, with enough Aussies waking up to the real agenda, there will come a day when Australia Day will be celebrated by Whites and the indigenous peoples alike, for in saving ourselves we will be able to save not only the koalas, etc., from extinction, but also the real abos, also.

  4. Ah, someone who understands and appreciates my overflowing bile. Sorry Katana about the belated posting of your eloquent comment but I've only just scraped off the last remnants of dog-shit from my latest sojourn in the Third World where the word "aesthetic" has no translation and pedestrian crossings serve as disguised killing zones. The white stripes are actually used for sighting. I see these trips as advanced screenings of what is swiftly coming to Australia. More on this to follow.