Sunday, September 3, 2017

He's at it again, the man who asks 'who is Australian anyway? We're all from somewhere else.' The man who would prefer to import not only his products directly from Asia, but his employees as well. 
After all, it's mighty impressive how hard people will work for dirt-poor wages and with conditions only third worlders will tolerate and with a Damocles sword hanging above them in the form of a return to where they've come from if not entirely satisfactory. The man who will so generously employ as many of the 12,000 Syria refugees he can get a hold of who have been given big-hearted invitation to our shores. Among the 12,000, it's reasonable to assume only a small percentage will want to kill us.

Yes, Gerry Harvey, he of the Harvey Norman department store empire, is at it again. This time he's giving us what he no doubt gleefully hopes will be a self-fulfilling prophecy in the statement to of September 1, 2017 in which he shares his vision of Australia becoming an Asian country with a population of between 50 to 100 million: “If I was God and I looked down on the Earth, I would see 1.3 billion Indians, 1.4 billion Chinese, 240 million Indonesians, these great big continents, America, Europe, and one funny little country, Australia. “It’s not possible you can maintain a population of 25 to 30 million people. [The 50 - 100 million is] going to  happen ... it's just inevitable. The  people that exist today, me and you, we all have our view, but we’ll be long gone. Immigration and population growth were impossible to control. The problem is you can’t control it. The rest of the world at some stage is not going to let you control it. Sometimes when you smell the inevitable you’ve got to go along with it."

That the teeming millions of Asians turning Australian cities into bulging Calcuttas and smog-shrouded Bejings will be happening much sooner than the predicted next century if Harvey and his ilk can have any thing to do with it is not mentioned. Well, so what? If it's inevitable, it really doesn't matter whether it's sooner or later. If the country becomes uninhabitable for white people much sooner than Harvey expects it's hardly likely that he'll lose any sleep over it. He can simply pack up his billions and move to wherever the global elite are holed up in their exquisitely luxurious and expansive fortress-compounds.

But why is it inevitable? And if it is inevitable, why were we not told that over forty years ago when the first beach-heads of the invasion were being established? Instead we were told that we were racists and idiots for having even the slightest concern about the small numbers of Asians arriving in our midst - so small that it was inconceivable that so much as a ripple could occur in the racial make-up of the country. But of course this is how soft tyranny works - through cunning, deceit and duplicity and,to use a word much loved by Australians, bullshit. But just imagine if we were told back in about '75, "OK, we'll be starting with small numbers initially just to get you used to it. These small numbers, don't forget, are desperate refugees fleeing a country that, helped by us, the American military-industrial-complex had fucked up completely - something the it does spectacularly well - and then leaving our new best friends holding the burnt spring rolls. The less fortunate of their countrymen are dead - probably somewhere between one and two million, and many of them fried with Napalm".

It would of course be difficult to maintain this scam indefinitely before the natives began to get restless. But a contingency plan was already in place: "Now because we Whites have a fatal flaw, put there largely by Christianity which posited a universal god who frowned upon the merely selfish application of altruism, that is, among  our own kind, instead of toward all comers, we have absolutely no qualms in using this weakness against you. Refusing to obey this holy dictate appropriated by leftists and Humanists produces guilt found to be exquisitely painful. If you object to relinquishing the country your forebears created, you will be made to feel more guilty than you can possibly stand. 

"This Asian trickle will of course be only the thin edge of the wedge.  We know of course that chain reaction of escalating Asian immigration and the cutting back of European immigration will, in the lifetimes of most of you, lead to our major cities being unrecognisable as Australian and our universities and selective schools being monopolised by Chinese rapidly on route to dominating Australian business and commerce."

Why weren't we informed of all this way back when we were  jujitsued with our own famous ideal of a 'fair go' of what was in store for us? Simple really. Assuming that our traitors had any knowledge of history at all, they would have known that, by and large, whites although slow-burners, once the spark hits the powder they can be as ferocious  as Mongol warriors. So the tried and trusted tool of gradualism was employed. Don't scare the horses. Easy does it; because if the sleep-walkers suddenly woke up to the fact that they are being guided toward the cliff edge, the conspirators would be hauled from their ivory towers and carted off to meet deeaths that would by comparison cause Muammar Gaddafi's grisly ending to look like an exercise in tough love.

But someone was bound to let the cat out of the bag at some time and  Bill Hayden, the ex-copper, was just the man to do it.   As Australia's foreign 1983, he blabbed to Asia Week magazine - a source of information in which he knew most Australians had little interest, but obviously wanting to curry favour to those who did, he said: "There's already a large and growing Asian population in Australia and it is inevitable in my view that Australia will become an Eurasion country over the next century or two. Australian Asians and Europeans will marry and a new race will emerge. I happen to think that's desirable. We should welcome the process gradually becoming a Eurasian-type society ... we will not just become a multicultural society - which seems to me as soft sort of terminology anyway - we will become a Eurasian society and we will be the better for it."

A year later, Bob Hawke, the man who knocked Hayden of his perch as the next prime minister, said: 'We will not allow to become a political issue in this country the question of Asianisation." So there you have it, the last word in describing our pretend democracy. All that has to be done to shut the mug voters out of the political process - as though they had more than a precarious hand-hold anyway -  was for the major parties to close rank and enjoy a cosy bipartisanship. This will work with any issue our fearless leaders decide must be kept out of the grubby hands of the proles - that is, the important issues.

Hayden was said to recant his view of Australia's Asian future. So the small number of those noticing his mangy cat fleeing the bag could now relax. If Hayden now claimed he wasn't so enamoured of the idea, then we could all see it as a misunderstanding and go back to the Sunday papers. But anyone wanting to step into a cold shower of reality, with eyes to see and a brain capable of even a modicum of abstract thinking would have been acutely aware that Hayden's change of heart wasn't going to blow away a future to which, if the current trends continued, and no evidence existed to show otherwise, we were inexorably headed. 

How far we have come. How smoothly the perfectly reliable method of gradualism has worked. Now when a big-mouth like Harvey insists that an Asian future is one hundred per cent guaranteed, the prediction meets with not only a complete absence of outrage but hardly a murmur. Most apparently nod their heads in resigned agreement. It won't be for another century or so why should we worry - we won't be around to see it. Hats off again to the mind-benders! A magnificent job in deracination. Our descendants? Either half-breeds or fully bred out? What does it matter? Race is  merely a social construct. What does it matter if the country built by our descendants is taken over by those of a radically different race? They'll still all by just as Aussie as we are won't they?

But if this is to be our fate, if it is to be as inevitable as a sunset, why don't we just get it over and done with. Why bother defending ourselves if in the long term we'll be surrendering anyway? Why are truck-loads of money being wasted on defence? We could save a motza here. First up, we could sell our navy to China. Knowing how well our geniuses deal with the inscrutable Oriental who learns to haggle before he can walk, we could make a killing here -  probably walk away with enough capital to set up a hobby farm breeding alpacas, more than likely, with a little spare change to boot. Our air-force? Perhaps we could approach those nice Americans to ask if they have a buy-back scheme. We need to keep our army though. As it's headed toward being an all-female, self-empowering exercise, we dare not rob our young ladies of the opportunity to continue pretending to be men. This is perfectly harmless. At the first sign of trouble we'll be showing the white flag anyway. It is to be hoped though that when our ladies are asked to surrender, its not done in a patronising, bullying way. The surrender in that case may take slightly longer.

But what if we decided to take a different course? What if we collectively grew a pair? How would it be achieved? Believe it or not, signs of hope are on the horizon. As it has been for more than a century, a lot depends on what happens in the US. Most critically, as Gramski and the marchers through the institutions so assiduously recognised, an assault on the cultural hegemony is the necessary and essential first task. Right now, the cultural hegemony of the left in the US is under attack like never before. The situation there could be fairly described as cold civil war. How this pans out is crucially important to Australia. As the recent statue fiasco here demonstrated we are immensely affected by what happens across the Pacific. The aging superpower is riven with fault lines carved so deep by multiculturalism and Lincoln's failure to follow through on his suggested repatriation of the black population to Africa, it is on the brink of disintegration. A white separatist homeland in the US is not entirely outside of the realms of possibility. If this were to happen, white nationalist here would be given an enormous boost.

However, sitting around waiting for this to happen is too passive to be contemplated. There's much that can be done. An effort here also can be made to shift the cultural hegemony. Australians have to be convinced that keeping their heads in the rabbit hole of consumerism and hedonism is not a smart option. White genocide is real, it's happening and race is as real as the iron laws of nature. If indeed the brotherhood of man is so important to so many, then the convincing of that so many is needed to show that without the white race, the entire brotherhood suffers. Much benefit, for example, could be attained from steering people's interest toward a certain mental exercise: try to imagine what Australia would be like now if multiracialism had been the the rage at the time of our founding. 

Our people need to be convinced that immigration is of absolutely no benefit to them. In cost/benefit analysis terms, it is all cost, no benefit. At best, our immigrants are of dubious loyalty, at worst they comprise a growing fifth column. The only beneficiaries of immigration are members of the global elite such as Harvey and those who escape to here from the failed societies their own people have created. Why would they be able to create anything better here?

Harvey tries to work on our weak spot comparing standing-room-only Asia with our wide open spaces. It's so unfair. Besides the fact that the preponderance of our wide open spaces are deserts, why should exploding populations to our north be any more of a problem to us than the exploding populations of Africa be a problem for Europe? (Although the evident survival of cannibalism in parts of Africa may be a partial solution.) Given that it's difficult to see so much as a trace of what other races have done for us, why should we care? If these countries are incapable of solving their own overpopulation problems, why does it become our problem. Is it because we all part of the human race? Is it because of the supposed brotherhood of man? That's enough comic relief. Perhaps we could begin considering those lofty ideals when nature ceases being red in tooth and claw and when the leitmotif of the story of man ceases being constant war.

Harvey posits a day will come when all we have, if we haven't already given it away, will simply be taken from us. That would be so if we decide to lie down like mongrel curs.  But if we can ignite once again in ourselves the will to survive it need not be so. tThis brings us to the matter of our own defence. First off the rank should be our summary cessation of military exercises with countries that cast envious eyes over our homeland. This is pure stupidity laced with appeasement. Secondly, we need an industrial base. We did it once; we can do it again. We need to recognise globalisation for the death trap that it is with fantastic wealth and power flowing to the global elite while the suckers become poorer and more enslaved. We need to become self-sufficient.

When white South Africa was under attack from all sides with sanctions, it was able to become remarkably self-sufficient. It wasn't sanctions that brought it down. It was world opinion. Being Whites with weak leaders, they worried exceedingly about not being liked. Losing the will to live is what killed them. Some predict our fate as being in parallel with South Africa's. However, important differences exist. For example, the cry 'Africa for Africans' apparently cut like a knife. But how could the same be applied here? If we were to hear the cry here 'Asians for Asians', it would be just a neighbour getting a little rowdy.  As much as our traitors have tried to instill in our minds for decades that we have suddenly became part of Asia, and no matter how much our Asian neighbours like hearing it, it is simply too ludicrous to be accepted by even the slowest among us. Asia has absolutely no claim on us.

Nukes provide the best bang for your defence bucks. Let's have them. We're right now seeing an emphatic demonstration of how it's much easier to mess with countries without nukes than those with them. If a shit-poor country like North Korea can develop them then why can't we? Why can't we say to those who say their need for more living space means they have to take ours: by all means, come and try. Come and remove our weapons from our cold, dead hands. We implied the same to the Japanese over seventy years ago. They got the message. An Australian invasion was taken off the table 

Our armed forces have to cease being laboratories for political correct loony tunes and affirmative action. Only true warriors need apply. The defence budget needs to be increased exponentially. We also need to begin providing first class science educations to our own rather than prostituting our universities for overseas money.  As has been said probably a few million times, where there is a will there is a way.

Believe it or not, the ballot box can be used to our advantage. We must begin by avoiding at all costs voting for the Lib/Lab twins joined at the head. Instead vote for any party who, as old fashioned and quaint as it may seem, puts the national interest above all else. If none of these are running, then boycott the box. Just get your name marked off to avoid a fine. Take heart and stay positive. The election of Trump marked the zenith of the leftward swing of the pendulum. There's only one way it can now swing. All over the world, nationalism, to the horror of the globalists, is stirring.

Contrary to the perverted thinking of this grinning clown Norman with much more money and greed than brains, our fate is not written in the stars high over Asia. Man determines his own destiny. A destiny informed by strength and the will to survive, the qualities that once equipped our race to overcome enormous odds and tower as giants is just as achievable as its diametrical opposite - a destiny surrendered to out of stupidity and gutlessness. To borrow from Dylan Thomas, "Do not go gentle into that good night ... Rage, rage against the dying of the light".


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