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"Non whites will form ghettos."  Arthur Calwell, Australia's first Minister for Immigration stating the obvious

Front page: "Stop White Flight". Bit late for that, thinks I. Ho Hum. Turn page. Look for disasters a bit more up to date.

It's the next day though that the fun begins. And here I was thinking I'd seen all that the brave new insane world had to offer. It's a veritable cyclone in a tea cup. NSW Labor Opposition leader, Luke Foley, who's uttered what most sensible people would consider a fairly innocuous phrase, is running for cover, tail between legs and hands clasped to ears as a torrent of brickbats and vitriolic abuse pursue him.

Poor bumbling Luke had become the walking, breathing confirmation of the opinion of American columnist, Sam Francis as quoted by Patrick Buchanan in State of Emergency: the third world invasion and conquest of America:
"In the Victorian era, the Great Taboo was sex. Today .... the Great Taboo is race. The Victorians virtually denied that sex existed. Today, race is said to be 'merely a social construct,' a product of the imagination, and of a none too healthy imagination at that, rather than a reality of nature. The Victorians severely punished people who talked about sex, made jokes about sex, or wrote too openly and frankly about sex. Today, journalists, disc jockeys, leading sports figures, public officials, distinguished academics, and major political leaders who violate the racial taboos of our age are fired from their newspapers, networks or radio stations, forced to resign their positions, condemned by their own colleagues, and subjected to 'investigations of their own 'backgrounds' and their 'links' to other individuals and groups that have also violated the race taboo."

"The comments were deeply divisive, dangerous and nasty [translates as, he's a racist]," shrieks the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian. I'm scratching my head. I'm in a fog, trying to catch up. Has my world really drifted so far from theirs thus catching me as flat footed as this? Racist? Has the meaning of this ridiculous word been stretched so far as to be entirely meaningless?  I'm analysing. Exactly what has been seen as racist in Foley's slip of honesty? Is it the use of the word "white"? That could be it. It could be signalling that a separate race actually exists in this post racial world in which race has been found not to exist. Or is it the word "flight". Yes, that could be more like it. It implicitly asks the question of what are whites in flight from. Oh my God! As females would say. The answer must be that they are in flight from people unlike themselves. Why would they possibly want to do that? And there you have it, the dreaded racism that Foley has cunningly tapped into.

A Telegraph journalist helpfully confirms my suspicion: "The term 'white flight' is a phrase that has been used to stir racial unrest throughout the US for the past 60 years.

"It was first used during the 1950s and 1960s when African Americans began moving into what had previously been soley white communities, leading many white families to leave." Damned racists! Couldn't stand to see their neighbourhoods converted into crime-ridden garbage dumps.

Worse is to come. Foley's observation is supported by nationalists (nationalist being another dirty word only marginally less damning than racist) such as Pauline Hanson, Cori Bernadi and Mark Latham - quarantined outsiders. With friends like these ...

Foley's tiny revolt against political correctness lasts less than twenty four hours. Attacked from the right and the left, he's a walking bag of remorse, apologising profusely and begging forgiveness. He is after all a politician. And his domain is a typical self-flagellating, suicidal liberal democracy. Statesmen need not apply.

It's not over yet though. Foley has opened a vein that can't quite be stitched back together. The Telegraph, curiously wanting to have a bet each way in this sudden eruption, publishes letters that normally wouldn't be allowed to get through to the keeper. A particular letter, entitled "Harassed, I fled my suburb",  by one V Petrie deserves to be reproduced in full:

     "The 'white flight' problem in Sydney requires thinking about more than infrastructure and community services.
     There are other reasons why an Aussie might feel the need to leave some Sydney districts.
     Having 'not very nice' graffiti painted on my fence was my first hint I was not in a good place. Being ignored and not being served in shops where I had previously been a regular customer, after the shops were visited by a religious identity, was the second hint.
     Not being able to use the local park with my toddler daughter after being circled on the swings by a group of youths and men, simply meant I needed to drive to a more suitable park.
     Being called a 'slut' and 'less than a dog' when teaching 12 year old boys in the local schools was a real awakener that my home town Sydney was changing.
     And being told that I couldn't make this public knowledge or I would not be employed brought home how powerless I was to prevent this continuing.
     The final straw was being spat on when walking in the main shopping street.
     However, it still took a few incidents before I caught on that it wasn't just accidental bad manners. It was intentional and was the new norm.
     Eventually I realised that I needed to flee the harassment - or was it persecution?
     Yes, in 1985 I became an Aussie refugee from Arncliffe."

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Any wonder whites are in flight? Whites acting in accordance with their human nature? Our hallowed multiculturalism - the "the most successful in the world", doncha know - tends to recognise the human nature of non-whites in allowing to the full, even encouraging them to live amongst their own kind where they feel most comfortable. Given that they will never feel comfortably living among Australians and therefore will never assimilate, this seems only fair.

Shouldn't the same right be extended to Australians whose neighbourhoods have been transformed into cast-offs of foreign countries? Shouldn't they be also allowed to live among their own kind where they feel most comfortable? Definitely not. On the contrary, by wanting to move away from "enrichment" they are showing themselves to be irretrievably racist. Double standards? Of course, but we should be used to it by now.

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The controversy was still simmering the next week when Telegraph columnist, Tim Blair, was wondering if any non whites had actually been offended by Foley's gaff. He answered his own question by way of his inimitably dry wit: "Only whites could be insulted by the suggestion they are insufficiently woke to rejoice in the delights of multiculturalism."

The ghettos of which Arthur Calwell warned more than seventy years ago are pieces of Australia lost forever. They are holes burnt in a map that can only get bigger thanks to the hyper immigration from the third world of which our elites are so enamoured.

What we are seeing here in embryo is the  phenomenon currently transforming American beyond recognition. Again from State of Emergency:

"La Reconquista is not to be accomplished by force of arms, as was the US annexation of the Southwest and California in 1848. It is to be carried out by non violent invasion and cultural transformation of the huge slice of America into a Mexamerican borderland where the dominant culture is Hispanic and Anglos will feel alienated and begin to emigrate, as, indeed they already have - back over the mountains their fathers and grandfathers crossed generations ago. Each year now, 250,000 native born Californians pack up and leave forever in what demographer William Frey calls the 'flight from diversity'. [Now that's white flight, even if put slightly more politely.] Meanwhile, since 2000, a million new illegal aliens, almost all Mexicans, have arrived to make Los Angeles home."

Forces at work impossible to resist will eventually complete La Reconquista of which Buchanan writes and the southwest of the US will be torn away to be once again part of Mexico. The forces, including the Mexican Government, greedy American capitalists and the lure of wealth to millions of impoverished peasants, are irresistable because no political will exists to prevent it, so racked with white guilt are the mentally ill US liberals.

Make no mistake, the same thing is happening here but in a far less spectacular fashion. Instead of a huge slab of the country being torn away, cancerous tumours have appeared, rotting us from the inside. They have names: Fairfield, Lakemba, Campsie, Hurstville, Randwick, Chatswood, Bankstown, the combat zones of the western suburbs of Melbourne et al.  The question won't go away. Why wouldn't there be white flight? But as the cancers spread, where will whites be fleeing to? Will they end up scuttling like cockroaches from one temporary shelter to the next until there is no shelter left and they are stomped on?

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  1. Don't feel bad. All of that is happening in the US too. Really sad that White people have let it all come to this. It can only end badly.