Sunday, January 31, 2016


David Morrison was named 2016 Australian of the Year

Not since the hyper-sensitive and intellectually challenged Adam Goodes being named the winner of the increasingly dubious title of Australian of the Year has the mantle been bestowed on someone so little deserving apart from his being the current darling of the liberal left, especially the sisterhood.

 Former Chief of the Army and a General no less, David Morrison is the pacifist who famously declared that violence never solved anything.  What a Spartan!  If this weren't so sad, it would be an even better joke than his being named Australian of the Year for 2016.  Never mind bullets and bomb-blasts, simple booing would probably frighten David as much as it did Adam.  The only conflict this 'warrior' was interested in participating in was the culture war. He is front and centre one of those weirdest of creatures - a male feminist.

While our best and brightest were giving their lives in Afghanistan, David launched his personal crusade (and no doubt boost to his career) the fight against that darkest of evil, the sexual antics of enlisted men.  The episode in question featured one bone fide cad, the former soldier, and then employee of a defence contractor who recorded images of his having consensual sex with the unfortunate woman he'd seduced.  These images were then transmitted to his mates in the army who were then effectively deemed accomplices in this heinous crime and so became collateral damage.  Eight, including veterans of Afghanistan and battling PTSS were unceremoniously sacked while Hastings Frederickson, 'the Wolf of Wooloomooloo', and the instigator, received a 15 month suspended jail sentence for using a carriage service to cause offence.  So justice was seen to be done by the capeless crusader and his ilk, notwithstanding the destruction of the careers of so many good soldiers guilty of no more than insensitivity and poor taste in what they thought was the privacy of their own hard-drives. No matter.  Misogyny would be torn out root and branch from the armed services.

Once again the same mistake was being made, that which might be called Marx's monumental blunder: assuming humans could be cured of human nature.  Accepted wisdom has it that doing exactly the same thing over again and expecting a different result is a sure sign of not very impressive intelligence..  And yet the left keeps repeating its stupidity like a slogan at a street demo.  Examples are plentiful but just to pick one of the classics: force hundreds of incompatible ethnic groups together and then decry the rise of 'racism'. Gee, didn't see that coming.  Similarly, attempt to feminise the armed services (feminists have finally achieved their long term goal of being eligible to die in combat) and then decry the rise of misogyny.

As more and more girls take advantage of female friendly training demands and flock to the services in peace time, the great unknown of course is how they will conduct themselves in the unfortunate event of a war actually breaking out.  We'll know then whether having ideology and social engineering trump national security was such a good idea.  Islamic fighters no doubt already  have hard-ons just thinking about the prospect of being confronted by juicy girl soldiers.  Perhaps in future we'll have generals like Morrison hiding in bunkers while the girls are sent out to negotiate with the enemy.  'Why can't we all just get along?' 

These are the prerequisites for Australian of the Year:demonstrated excellence in the field, known to have made contribution to the community and nation, providing an inspirational role model.  As for the first, few had even heard of Morrison before his wading into flavour-of the-month gender politics.  Contribution to the community and the nation? Has anyone seen this so called military man's service record?  As for being an inspirational role model, well in a way he has been this if you count inspiring young men not to see the services as a career choice.  If bullets don't get you feminism probably will.

Roughly fifteen seconds after receiving the award Morrison informed all and sundry he would be using the his new platform to lend his voice to a call for a republic.  Is that what the honour now means, a megaphone to spruik personal opinions?  Apparently that is what it has become.  After all, Goodes never shut up about evil white racism, even stooping to traumatise a young female fan who'd insulted him.  It's a one way street of course.  If in doubt, just imagine the shock and horror, if by some infinitesimal chance, someone not sharing left wing opinions winning the gong and then going about airing opinions not palatable to those who consider their life-work comprises telling the rest of us how to think..  It's about time these social justice warriors were told the awarding of these honours is not a soapbox.

If a fool like Morrison is the best to be found to pin this award on, it's high time this charade was junked..

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